Pioneer Perfector

a poster for the radio talk show Becoming a Pioneer Perfector of Truth.
Becoming a Pioneer Perfector of Truth

Pioneer Perfector is a radio talk show with the title Becoming a Pioneer Perfector of Truth.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show Becoming a Pioneer Perfector of Truth.
Lisa and Kenny on the radio March 2023

Pioneer Perfector:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about Total Consciousness as the new frontier and how to realize the Omnipresence of this Divine Truth. In this show they will talk about being that place in consciousness where the Divine Will expresses Itself as a you. Listen as they discuss the statement “one with God is a majority” as the pioneer stands on the Divine Principle in the Perfection of Being.  Spirit is the self-existent Power of One Life. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and be the Light of the Divine Principle on earth.


  1. To be a pioneer of greater human potential today is what we are going to discuss in this show. What is human potential in a model that states the unreality of the entire human experience may seem like a contradiction but there is a reason for the false sense of existence and for this I go to the Hindu myth that God being all becomes creation for its amusement. This makes the everyday challenges, problems, pleasures, and profits more like cosmic TV than a real something but we are looking for a solution not relief.
  2. We have some great examples of these sturdy pioneers of Truth in Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, Joel Goldsmith, many early Christian Scientists but where is the Truth today? In Kriya Yoga they talk about the flame of initiation and the term darshan where one gets a boost in consciousness by being seen by an enlightened Soul. Mary Baker Eddy is quoted say “I save you fifty years of study” and I think this is what she means. So without a boost one must bushwack their own salvation.
  3. Truth is the realization of only One Perfect Divine Life and beside Truth there is no other. Spirit is a demonstrable Principle and the only Power in the universe, so what is happening on the material sense level can’t be real, but saying this, believing this, denying this leaves one defenseless walking among non-existent powers that can seem to kill you. What is missing?
  4. To talk about one of the early steps in development we have a Herb Fitch soundbite from Thunder of Silence class 1A. The idea of the new covenant found in the second birth of the human to Spirit.
  5. What is wrong with being a good human? There is nothing intrinsically evil with the human experience and we can remain there indefinitely under the law of karma but for those who are looking for the Truth and nothing but the Truth– mortality will not do.
  6. We have something from Mark Sappenfield who did a talk 8/28/21 on What is the World asking of Christian Science. Where he talks about the 666 of Revelation as complete imperfection or the acceptance of mortality as reality. He also explains the importance of Spiritual understanding as the True source of sustenance and how and why well-meaning human secularism isn’t enough. We need to be taught how to become Whole in the same way a wolf must be taught to hunt food– instinct only goes so far and it needs help.
  7. Remember we need laws to uphold the conduct done naturally by a human in the adult state because humans in Spiritual identity are virtuous by nature. We have something from Joel Goldsmith from The Heart of Mysticism “Only those of pioneer dispositions or with an adventurous spirit within can get the utmost from prayer. The word itself, having a supplicatory association, would disguise this fact, but anyone having explored the path of prayer for any period of time can tell you it is a glorious new adventure in living—the opening up of an heretofore unexplored realm. The dropping away of horizons is perhaps the first step; then old concepts slough off, one by one, and you begin to find you have never known your “Self.” Here prayer is union with the Divine.
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