a picture of the Hampton Kriya Yoga Center as a path of knowledge.
Knowing guides the being; different from doing.

Path of Knowledge

Stage 1 YamasStage 2 NiyamasA poster for Stage 3 Asana also called KA Home.Stage 4 PranyamaStage 5 PratyaharaStage 6 DharanaStage 7 DhyanaStage 8 Samadhi

A Complete Kriya Yoga practice consists of all eight stages as Action, Knowledge, and Devotion! Jnana Yoga is Knowing!

Kriya Yoga is not just about doing. It is about knowing and being. Right knowledge is essential to the Yoga process. Cultivate a theory that consists of:

Knowledge of transformation as the ability to “go ” through “form”. Learn how to separate the conscious mind from the confinement and limitation of physical and astral realities.

Knowledge of the process in psychological/spiritual development where the individual goes from unconscious awareness to self conscious awareness to super conscious awareness.

Total consciousness is a viable human enterprise. Know thyself – know ourselves in the way we are created and not just look at ourselves in the way we do when left to our own devices.

A three-dimensional reality system that is in accordance with universal order– including physiology, psychology and philosophical framework.
Know how creation takes place in relation to the law of opposites.
The secret to a successful life is to put “God” first. Know the difference between a need and a want.
Know what your needs are in their order of importance (Prana, Air, Water, Food).
Use the availability of your needs to establish your sense of well being; until identity shifts to Spirit where there are no needs– only One Eternal Perfect Life.

The ability to apply the principles of the theory– “to know and not to do is yet not to know.”
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Practice makes perfect if practice is perfect.
Relativity proves a deficiency or breakdown in one area can undermine the entire process.
The ability to shape your inner state of being to fit the demands of your external world.

Knowledge is Power when information is organized in a comprehensive “whole” so it can be used to compound abilities.

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