a picture to represent phase 3 in human developmental process.
Humans in the Adult Stage are Virtuous

The Process in Development

“Humans have the potential to chronologically age and psychologically – spiritually remain in an underdeveloped state. We have to be taught how to initiate the progressive cycle” Swami Jayananda

The Process in physiological, psychological, and spiritual development has an evidence procedure. The individual develops from pre-personal or unconscious awareness (physical identity) , to personal or self conscious awareness (mental identity) and finally into transpersonal identity or super conscious awareness (Spiritual identity).

a picture to represent phase 1 in human development.a picture to represent phase 2 in human developmental process.a picture to represent phase 3 in human developmental process.

Phase 1
Larvae State
Worldly Happiness

Unconscious Awareness


Phase 2
Chrysalis State
Intellectual Happiness
Self- conscious Awareness


Phase 3
Adult State
Eternal Happiness

Super Conscious Awareness


IPD was founded on these discoveries:

1. Quest for Wholeness – there is an innate drive in every human desiring to be whole and complete. This experience of wholeness can not take place in the physical dimension. In order to actualize the experience of wholeness the human must learn how to transform which means “trans” go through – “form” the physical form.

2. Survival versus Growth – humans can chronologically age and psychologically/spiritually remain in an underdeveloped stage. Neither option is easy– if we survive and do not initiate the growth process then we deal with a kickback from our unlived latent potential to grow. This is productive of symptoms such as guilt, shame, anger, resentment, blame, emptiness and boredom. Growth, on the other hand,  requires a complete holistic health management system consisting of a path of action, a path of knowledge and a path of devotion. See… Kriya Yoga Theory 1 and Kriya Yoga Theory 2


What it is:
A process that begins with the union of body and mind in Spirit.

What happens to the mind/body complex when identity is reborn in Spirit, Divine Truth.
The dissolution of matter and mind into Spiritual identity.

A possibility created by the purification of the mind and the body to invoke the Life Force as a “new” source of sustenance.

The unfolding of consciousness growing in a positive direction originated by the inner marriage to Spirit.

When we draw from duality (fear and limitation; matter and mind, particles and waves) that is what we become.
When we draw from Truth and Wholeness (the indivisible unified field called non-locality, Prana, God, Shen etc.) that is what we become.

What it isn’t:
A declaration, practice or technique.

Special power transmitted or transferred from an “Enlightened Being.”

Secret power that overrides matter and mind transmitted, transferred or purchased from any external source.

Hidden Power that is awaken spontaneously by merely changing thoughts or practicing techniques.

Magical power that brings super human capabilities or enhances the human experience.

Key Notes:
Initiation isn’t possible without purification of the mind/body complex and the reunion with Spirit.
Purification doesn’t equal the connection or reunion.
Re-birth of identity with Spirit is experienced a Union with the Divine!

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