Tai Chi

TAIJI QUAN    (Tai Chi Chuan)

Tai Chi is considered to be an internal Martial Art.

a picture of Lisa doing Tai Chi

Taiji is translated to the western world as “Grand Ultimate”. It is the state in which natural opposites known as YIN & YANG are generated and interact in perfect harmony. Taiji coupled with the word “Quan” meaning fist or martial art style, signify an internal form of martial arts developed in China and practiced today mainly for the purpose of health, longevity and harmony of mind. Learning the art of Taiji begins with the fundamental elements of relaxing the mind and body by learning a series of exercises and postures that blends soft fluid movements, proper breathing and meditation.

a picture of Lisa doing Tai Chi

“Qi” (pronounced ‘chee’) is the intrinsic energy that flows in all living things. It is vital to our health and well being and is essential for sustaining one’s life. Our first goal in learning Taiji is to increase the proper flow and circulation of “Qi” throughout the body. Taiji is one of the most efficient ways to unblock and open energy channels, or meridians, throughout the body allowing Qi to flow more freely.


Regular practice of this gentle form of exercise will also increase physical strength, improve balance and coordination, improve and maintain internal health and wellness and create a greater sense of inner peace, calmness and mental focus. In addition to the health benefits, Taiji can also be used for self defense through its combination of yielding and neutralizing techniques. It is also expressed as a beautiful art form which allows one to increase their creative and spiritual awareness.

a picture of Lisa doing Tai Chi

Our Taiji curriculum offers a wide variety of traditional & contemporary empty hand and weapons forms, as well as push hands and Qigong sets. Some of the featured forms include:

  • Yang Style 24 Movement

  • Chung Style

  • Yang Style 32 Movement Straight Sword

  • 42 Movement Combined (Yang, Chen, Sun,) Style

  • Traditional Yang Style Broadsword

  • Sun Style Long Form

  • 42 Movement Combined Style Straight Sword

  • 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong

    Group and private instruction available as well as customized on-site seminars for medical, corporate, and educational facilities. Please see the current schedule for class times. See services for pricing and options!