Stage 8 Samadhi

Kriya Yoga Samadhi


Samadhi, Illumination or Total Consciousness  is a continuation of the same breathing exercises and techniques experienced as the expansion of the conscious identity into the causal/Spiritual body, the Divine Self. Total Consciousness is the goal of Kriya Yoga

Purpose: Samadhi is when conscious identity returns to Perfect Divine unity. A graduation from the point of simultaneous observation where one saw the self as a separate entity, and at the same time, universal; into the One Infinite Spiritual Self. The merging of the micro cosmic orbit, your chakra system, with the macrocosmic orbit, the universe, into the full light of the Infinite Spiritual Body. The Process

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Samadhi Schematic
Cathedral Front in Milan, Italy 9/9/1990
Donated by O. Berezovska

Samadhi is a real experience.

The image is a schematic for Samadhi which is a point of simultaneous observation when the individual sees the self as separate and at the same time universal in the full light of the One Omnipresent Self. The merging of the microcosmic orbit,  the chakra system, with the macrocosmic orbit, the Zodiac, into the One Infinite Spiritual Body.
What is interesting about the image is that when we put the Fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus & Leo) on the angles (1,4,7 & 10 houses) the signs line up so the Planets that rule chakras are in alignment with the signs they rule.

The symbolism to support the image is found in various forms. The sphinx in Egypt is the head of a man (Aquarius), the body of a bull (Taurus), the paws of a lion (Leo) and the wings of the phoenix (Scorpio- the original symbol for the sign).
The four evangelists in Christianity are symbolized by the man, the bull, the lion and the eagle. In fact, the Book of Revelations 4:7 in the Bible makes specific references to the symbols in this diagram as the lion, calf, man, and eagle.

a picture to represent phase 1 in human development.a picture to represent phase 2 in human developmental process.a picture to represent phase 3 in human developmental process.