a picture of the Logo used by Institute For Personal Development, Inc. "Kriya Yoga Ashram" as a poster for directions.
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Directions is the page designated to give instructions for finding the Hampton, NH locations.

Institute For Personal Development, Inc.
“Kriya Yoga Ashram”

Residence:  652 Lafayette Rd. Hampton, NH 03842

Operations: 725 Lafayette Rd. Hampton, NH  03842

Phone Office: 603 929-0303
Cell: 603 498-8910
Email: contact@ipdtransform.com

Directions to 725 Lafayette Rd.: Take 95 and get off at the Hampton exit. Take 101 to route 1 north and stay on route 1. Go through town, pass the movies and Galley Hatch restaurant. Go through the traffic light at High St. and then go through the traffic light by Walgreen’s and Hannaford Supermarket go past McDonalds and just past Federated Auto Parts is the Kriya Yoga Center on the right side of the road next to Domino’s Pizza. There is a sign on the front of the building.

725 Lafayette Rd. Hampton, NH 03842

Front Parking is limited: There is additional parking in the rear of the building. Contact us with any questions, concerns, or curiosities. We do suggest you listen to a few of our recent radio shows before making any decision about joining this very progressive movement.

Spiritual Science isn’t physical or mental. Spiritual Science is an understanding of the Divine Law of One Power. The mental material universe of energy runs on a belief in two powers. In order to be attuned to the One Power of Spirit the belief in two powers must be overcome. Spirit is absolute and there is no division in the Divine Truth. To communicate consciously with the Absolute, one transcends the limitations of the finite illusion of duality. To transcend matter and mind an individual must be born out of duality and born into Spirit. Only One Perfect Divine Life. As Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.”