Prana follows mind

 Kriya Yoga Pranayama


Control of Prana  – Pranayama is the science of Prana (the life force) and its correlation to the thinking process. There is a direct relationship between life sustaining force number one “thought” and life sustaining force number two “breath.” Through the application of various breathing and thinking exercises, we develop the control of Prana, the life force.

Purpose: Pranayama is the control of Prana. Yoga recognizes that Prana follows the path of thought. How we think is what we become. There is a direct relationship between how we breathe and how we think. Through the control of breath, we can control the thought process. By controlling thought, we can shape our reality. The Process


Control of Prana: Thinking and Breathing are the two most important life sustaining forces that we employ to sustain our lives. They are the processes we are using the most and the ones we rely on with urgency– to support our existence. It would make sense that these functions have to be performed correctly to get the most out of the living experience; because when we have bad habits in them the ramifications produce the greatest obstacles to successful living.

Stage 1 YamasStage 2 NiyamasA poster for Stage 3 Asana also called KA Home.Stage 4 PranyamaStage 5 PratyaharaStage 6 DharanaStage 7 DhyanaStage 8 Samadhi

Kriya Yoga Pranayama Class Description:

Visual Breathing Exercise
Alternate breathing Exercise
Timed Breathing Exercise
Silent Sit
Chant the Sounds that Resonate to the Chakras
Yoga Mudra
Corpse Pose
We can also include the Labyrinth as an exercise in concentration– if requested. See Kriya Yoga Theory 2 Sessions.

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