A picture of Mantra and Meditation at the Hampton Ashram.
Mantra and Meditation at Hampton Ashram

Staff is a page listing the qualified individuals chosen to run the operations at the facility located in Hampton, NH.

Staff at the Ashram

Staff is a group of individuals dedicated to greater human potential.

a picture of Kenny Toy (Swami Jayananda)
Kenny Toy
(Swami Jayananda)

Kenneth Toy
(Swami Jayananda)
(ERYT 500)

Lead Instructor:
Qualified to teach:
1. Kriya Yoga Theory 1
2. Kriya Yoga Theory 2
3. Kriya Yoga Asana
4. Kriya Yoga Pranayama
5. Kriya Yoga Mantra +

A picture of Tony Anni a staff member.
Tony Anni

Tony Anni, (RYT 200)

Qualified to Teach:
1. Kriya Yoga Asana
2. Kriya Yoga Pranayama
3. Kriya Yoga Mantra

a picture of Lisa Winton as a staff member.
Lisa Winton

Lisa Winton, LMT (RYT 200)

Certified Instructor: Kriya Yoga Level 1

Qualified to Teach:
1. Kriya Yoga Asana
2. Kriya Yoga Pranayama
3. Kriya Yoga Mantra

Mission: Teach the world how to accept the Light in the Soul.

The mission of the Kriya Yoga Ashram is to teach the Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga. Spirit is a demonstrable Principle when understood. In order to be receptive to Spiritual understanding one must be in Spiritual identity. Spiritual identity comes with transformation. Transformation comes with initiation; which is a rebirthing into Spirit. Initiation is the process of the human becoming Divine, known as Apotheosis. Join us and get the Light in your soul and become conscious of the Divine Principle. A Divine Science healing comes with the practitioners understanding of the operation of the Divine Principle and application there from.

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