Massage as a Kriya Yoga Variation

This practice is a wonderful modality to assist with personal goals. These sessions are designed to function on physical, astral/mental and causal/spiritual levels simultaneously, they are designed for maximum results. Developed by Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda) and Lisa Winton, LMT.
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Step 1.

Practitioner has dialogue with the client to establish personal goals and objectives for the session.

a picture of a Kriya Yoga Massage initial consultation.

Step 2.

The forum uses Kriya Yoga Asana Postures to locate misalignments caused by overactive and underactive muscles.

A picture of a Kriya Yoga Asana for Kriya Yoga Massage.

Step 3.

Touch is used to help identify the underlying thought patterns that are creating blockages.

Picture of Lisa putting a client into an Asana Posture

Step 4.

Suggestions are offered to help recreate new productive thought images; then integrated with breathing exercises to help internalize the new patterns– because the power is in your mind!

Picture of Lisa giving suggestions to the client.

Kriya Yoga Massage


Step 5.

Traditional massage techniques are utilized to assist with the stabilization of the Muscle groups and realignment of the skeletal system.

Picture of Lisa leading the client to the massage table.

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Note:¬†this isn’t a passive Massage it requires physical engagement and conscious participation.


If you are looking for maximum results these sessions deliver!


Sessions are $60.00 per hour and $1.00 each additional minute.