A poster for the radio talk show titled Denial Will Never Become Dominion.

Denial is a radio talk show with the title Denial Will Never Become Dominion.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show titled Denial Will Never Become Dominion.
Lisa and Kenny on the radio in December 2022


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the world of make believe as what most of us are calling life which is a hypnotic state produced by mental energy. Listen as they explore levels of consciousness from the perspective of belief, faith, and understanding and why real Life can only be understood.  In this show they are going to discuss the value of Principle Centered living as opposed to belief because anyone can believe anything but there is only One Truth. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and demonstrate dominion over belief.


  1. Spirit is a demonstrable Principle but must be understood in order to reveal Its omnipresence.
  2. Mortal mind is belief and works on a divided consciousness limiting its function to half truths.
  3. Bicknell Young in Addresses he wrote, “The dominion of man is simply the perfect law of God. Find out that you do not want anything, for that is dominion.” And in Oneness, “Mrs. Eddy says (S&H 20:14): “Jesus bore our infirmities; he knew the error of mortal belief and ‘with his stripes (the rejection of error) we are healed’.” This is true of us also; by our stripes we are healed; by our rejecting of error, claiming to be there; by not imputing their errors to be there, but by taking the error as our own belief. As we destroy it at the door of our own thought, we are enabled to have dominion. We are not handling the patient’s thought; we are handling mortal mind; all evil’s suggestive beliefs.”
  4. Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch by Stephen and Lynn Jay Volume 1. “You provide the truth in consciousness and the vacuum, then the Spirit goes before you and does the work.
    You do not need the words, although if you do hear them, it is finalized. You may also feel your consciousness is more like a vapor, sort of a fog rolling over, and you are not in normal human thought. When you feel that thawing vaporous essence flow, you are in a different level of consciousness; a spiritual expression which at that very moment is dissolving the illusion.”
  5. Herb Fitch: La Jolla Series 9B audio clip and “”There are many students who are still failing to recognize the full illusion. They catch part of it, and they’re able to escape part of it, but another part of the illusion catches them off guard. You should realize that there is only one illusion, this world. If you think part of this world real and part is unreal, then you know more than God. “My kingdom is not of this world.” That’s God’s statement. And so, that’s the truth you must plant in your Consciousness, and you must obey it. Divine truth you obey, because it only comes from the seventh heaven, the finished kingdom of God, and if you take that truth lightly, the Father has just told us, we will die in our sins. The full illusion is, ‘this world’. You cannot ignore Divine truth, disobey Divine truth, or even obey only a fraction of Divine truth without losing your way. There’s no place in this work for placing your opinions or your hopes above the Divine truth spoken by God. If the world is not God’s kingdom, how can it contain the qualities of God? Therefore, to experience Divine qualities, you must live outside this world in the Divine kingdom. You must live outside humanhood. You must live in your Divine body. You must live outside your human mind in your Divine mind. The purpose of all Divine truth is to lift you up above finite human reason, which thinks it knows what truth ought to be and ends up by burying the human body.” More on denial.

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