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“Kriya Yoga Ashram”

The one place where Total Consciousness is the new frontier and Samadhi is the goal of Yoga!

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Welcome to the deep end! If you are looking for a Yoga practice that is totally rooted in the Spiritual Science of Yoga and produces results; you are in the right place. Also, if you are casually interested and just curious about Yoga, you are more than welcome to make changes; we do not impose the complete scientific approach on anyone. Though “real” Yoga was codified in 8 essential stages; we don’t have any trouble when practitioners “choose” to modify the system to accommodate personal interests.

The problems arise when “approaches” of Yoga are modified, diluted, then taught in a watered down format; still promising to produce the same results.

The major reason you want to study and practice Yoga here is because every aspect and technique fits into the master plan of Kriya Yoga. So, no matter where you start you will be learning something that can be applied to the goals of Yoga. In the event,  you decide you want to move forward with your development; you just add on, instead of restart.

Join us and initiate your process to greater human potential!

Kriya Yoga

Welcome and thanks for your interest in our Ashram!

Take a look around and see if this approach to Kriya Yoga is something you are looking for; after all there is an innate drive in all of us, we want to be whole and complete individuals. 
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Samadhi Based Practices

Experience the benefits of a performance based Yoga System. Yoga has become a very broad topic and your understanding of “Yoga” is going to be limited to the understanding of your instruction. We hold to a very high standard and teach Kriya Yoga in a very pure form; so, give it some serious thought and very close inspection. When it comes to Yoga we are second to none.

Join us and become Yoga Sutra Compliant!


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