Residential Criteria

Ashram Requirements:

Pricing: Rate includes Classes but not Metaphysical Personal Training

Criteria for student: Student must have a specific goal that falls under the heading of personal development. The goal does not have to be Total Consciousness. It may be as simple as – want to lose weight, lose fear, improve posture. The goal is determined ahead of time and the program is designed to facilitate that purpose.

Number of participants possible: Residential programs are limited to a single or a couple. Kriya Yoga asana classes are limited to 15 persons per session. Kriya Yoga theory classes are limited to 10 persons.

How often/when held: The residential program is all personal training — there is no schedule. The programs are formed when people sign up for them and then the program is designed to fit the goals of the individual.

Guest capacity? The residential program is set up to accommodate a single person or a couple only.

Do you have on-site accommodations? Yes

Credit cards accepted: Yes

Getting there – directions proximity to nearest large city/town, airport? Is transportation provided from nearest airport: Hampton, NH is about 40 miles north of Boston, MA there is a shuttle bus that runs from Logan Airport to Hampton, NH called the Hampton Shuttle. This bus will leave you about 1/4 mile south of the Ashram.

Description of setting & ambience: IPD is located in the seacoast region of NH the Ashram is located right in town. Hampton is a quiet New England town that was settled in 1638. Most things are in walking distance like restaurants, grocery stores, movies, and health food store. 2.5 miles to the ocean.

Other activities available:

The Ashram offers use of the Labyrinth to residents.
Hydro-colon cleansing / techniques and equipment and other Yoga purification techniques.
Yoga Nutrition (not just what to eat but how to eat)
The area has just about everything within a 1 hour driven radius. Ocean, mountains, lakes, theatre, shopping, biking. inline skating, cross country skiing etc.

Comments from guests who have stayed there:

Robert Paolino – NY – “You taught me well”