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Astrology is the mother of science, remember science began with the observation of nature. We use the natal birth chart along with transits and progressions to map our your developmental process by creating points of passage. These Astrological Consultations are called, “Charting your Enlightenment.” IPD has designed a unique way of using the birth chart as a map to unlock greater human potential. Learn your strengths and challenges. Track your developmental process and be prepared for the biosphere of energy available to you at any given time. The best way to predict your future is to create it.

a logo for the CPS an astrological tool for those interested in astrology.Astrology in Action:

The Celestial Positioning System (CPS) is an astrological tool used to attune Kriya Yoga practitioners to the biosphere of energy at a given time. Time and space are in constant change and it is helpful to understand the forces available to you; so you can align with them. Start using the CPS on a regular basis and see what lead time can do for you.  Memberships

Transits and Progressions

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a picture of a natal birth chart and astrology aspects


A picture from a page of an astrology calendar

Search Reports

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Transformational Astrological Consultations:

All consultations are $40.00 per hour
Past performance can give clues for future results. Get started by organizing your thoughts and using them to shape your future.
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For Samadhi Seekers, VIP Members, or just Astrology Posts you can get the CPS (Celestial Positioning System) for initiating  human development and unlocking hidden potentials. Join Now!

Astrological Services:

Charts: $5.00 each (natal, progressed, composite, relocation, horary, electional, etc.)

Search Reports: $5.00 per month (transits and progressions to the natal positions)

Personalized Day Watch Calendar – 1 year $25.00 in a pdf file only. This includes transits to natal, transits to transits, progressed to natal, progressed to progressed for an entire year. Sent to you in a pdf file for your computer or phone.
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