Path of Devotion

A picture of a Yoga mat with beads and a watch with devotion.

A Complete Kriya Yoga practice consists of all eight stages as Action, Knowledge, and Devotion. Bakti Yoga is Worship!

Devotion as a Path – Kriya Yoga begins with union of the individual with the Divine; it is this connection to the Life Force that gives the practice power; which enables the practitioner to demonstrate qualities such as: Bravery, Thriftiness, Cheerfulness, Helpfulness, Loyalty, Cleanliness, Courtesy, Trustworthiness, Reverence, Obedience, Friendliness, and Kindness.


Devotion consists of reverence and respect for all life;  which comes with, a sense of being connected to everyone and everything.

Dedication to your practice and process. Apotheosis is not something that happens by itself and it requires the conscious effort of the individual.

Cultivate a primary relationship with the Absolute – the part of the human that is eternal. In quantum physics they call it the Void or None Locality. The dimension of reality where everything is happening at once.

The confidence that comes with a connection to an inexhaustible resource of energy.

The carefree stance of liberation from unnecessary dependencies and cravings.

The clarity that comes from the all-inclusive point of identification.
Enthusiasm and joy for life produces a selfless attitude.

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