Kriya Yoga Theory 2

Kriya Yoga Theory 2 requires a dedicated commitment to the learning of Divine Science.

KYT2 Sessions

The Cretin Labyrinth is an ancient tool for balancing the chakras
and expanding the conscious mind.

Initiation Video

A unique and revolutionary Practice and Forum designed to facilitate the growth process in human development. Apotheosis is a real experience and has an evidence procedure.

  1. You can not lead someone to permanent change by doing for them what they “must” do themselves.
  2. Personal accountability and responsibility are the foundation of Kriya Yoga Theory 2. You must be engaged and devoted.
  3. Prana Power brings: Virtue to overcome fear. Wisdom to overcome ignorance. Purpose to overcome selfishness. Enthusiasm to overcome laziness.
  4. Kriya Yoga is a path of ActionKnowledge, and Devotion; these sessions are a celestial positioning system (cps) to guide the individual into union with the Divine.

Kriya Yoga Theory 2 Parts 1 & 2

Part 1 of the Session:

  • Class Description:
    • The Labyrinth
    • Breathing Visualization
    • Alternate Breathing
    • Timed Breathing
    • Silent Sit
    • Chant the Sounds
    • Yoga Mudra
A picture of a Kriya Yoga Theory 2 session with Swami Jayananda.

Part 2 of the Session:

In an interactive discussion group setting, sessions are engineered to facilitate positive growth of consciousness.

Given the magnitude and scope of the Spiritual Process a forum that is accommodating , practical, and flexible is required. Clear directions have to be tailored to individual challenges “while” the participant is blazing their trail.

Connecting to Spirit is like trying to hit a moving target that is invisible and intangible; you need a celestial positioning system (cps) come and see how it is done. Kriya Yoga makes it possible!

Kriya Yoga Initiation Program

Commit to 108 Kriya Yoga 2 Sessions for 2 years, 2 months, and 28 days and get the Light in your soul!

is a structured practice combined with an open forum.

Kriya Yoga Theory 2 Explained