Path of Action

Stage 1 YamasStage 2 NiyamasStage 3 AsanaStage 4 PranyamaStage 5 PratyaharaStage 6 DharanaStage 7 DhyanaStage 8 Samadhi

A complete Yoga practice consists of all eight stages as Action, Knowledge, and Devotion. Karma Yoga is Doing!

Skillful use of thought: 

Energy or Prana follows mind; how we think is what we become. By controlling our thoughts we control our reality. Kriya Yoga begins with the engagement of intelligence in our decision making process. Purity is not just adherence to the value system, but it is the ability to think, feel, say and do one in the same thing– Concentration.

Skillful use of breath:

Correcting bad habits in the mechanics of the breathing process by employment of the three-part breath. Understanding of the relationship between how we breathe and how we think. Through the control of the breath we can control the thought process.

Skillful use of water:

Drink enough pure fresh water to keep the physical body hydrated. Eliminate all substances that produce cravings and disturbances in the mind body complex. Substances like caffeine, alcohol, simple carbohydrates are disruptive.

Skillful use of food:

Eat whole foods that get their nourishment from the sun. Combine foods in a way that assists your digestive process. Eliminate all substances that produce cravings and disturbances to your mind/body complex, such as caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and refined sugars.

Skillful use of exercise:

A fitness program that accommodates the four components of fitness strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The shape, composition, condition and alignment of the physical body are important factors in the process. The frequencies we generate determine the vibrations to which we are receptive.

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