About Lisa Winton, LMT

RYT200 and Certified Kriya Yoga Teacher Level 1

Lisa is currently working toward her 300 hour Level 2 Certification. She wants to be qualified to teach the Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga. She uses the Blog Talk Radio Show as a class room to learn how to discuss true Spirituality.

A picture of Lisa doing Moon in Gemini.
Moon in Gemini brings Prana into the Respiratory System.

Lisa Winton began studying Kriya Yoga on 5/12/1999 by taking a Kriya Yoga Asana class. At the time, her interests involved, co-owned Seacoast Martial Arts Centers where she taught Shaolin Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi, and Cardio  Kickboxing. Ms. Winton has earned the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kenpo Karate. She is also a NH licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master. Her studies include Kriya Yoga with the Self Realization Fellowship and has experience with different approaches to Yoga. She is formally, the General Manager for Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, Carter’s Diamonds in Danvers, the Sales Manager at Jewelry Creations in Dover, and currently the Director of Operations at Institute For Personal Development, Inc. See her on Yoga Alliance!

A picture of Lisa doing Extended Wheel posture.

Extended Wheel

A picture of Lisa doing Sun in Libra.

Sun in Libra – the embodiment of Courtesy

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Burlington, VT took place on 2/27/16

Free Kriya Yoga Asana Class

Burlington, VT; Asana means posture. Asana is a system of exercise which uses the geometry of our physical bodies to lengthen and strengthen muscles which brings the bones into a position of internal support. The exercises have procedure and intention. However, the physical postures are a module that fits into this master plan leading to Total Consciousness. When we include the internal mental work of training the mind to serve Spirit and train the body to serve the mind with the symbol of Spirit, then matter and mind come together with new information. Click here for your free pdf handout.

Burlington to learn the Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga Salutation to the Moon are a series of movements that are designed to bring the Life Force into each system of the physical body and Salutation to the Sun are a series of movements that enable the practitioner to demonstrate the qualities; the Life Force deliver. Experience Kriya Yoga get the Light in your soul!