Was Jesus Really a Kriya Yogi?

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Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk the similarities between the teachings of Jesus and the principles of Kriya Yoga. Listen as they explain the Christian command “to love God” and the Yama Brahmacharya. Paramahansa Yogananda makes reference to Christ Consciousness because Christ is a universal principle for Divine Love. They will discuss the Christian command to heal the sick and reform the sinner as an Kriya Yoga Yama. Here we will find why Yoga may be more a true “religion” and modern Christianity is less a “religion.” Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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Jesus Notes:

1. What is a Yogi? It comes down to what someone thinks yoga is. For some it is a system of physical exercises and in this case I don’t think Jesus qualifies. To take this a little further is yoga a system of exercises?
2. What is Yoga may be the starting point of the discussion. For the purpose of this conversation we are talking about The Eight Essential Stages of Kriya Yoga codified by Patanjalis. In fact, when looked at doesn’t have any physical exercises other than meditative postures called Asana. This puts Jesus back in the running.
3. Based on the understanding of Yoga in 8 stages and explained as Union with the Divine. I would say a Yogi is one who is at one with the Divine. Jesus is said to be the Son of God or maybe more accurately the Christ is the Son of God. This may create another topic but for argument sake there must be a difference between followers of Jesus and followers of Christ but I would venture to say most don’t know the difference.
4. Yama Ahimsa or non-injury may be very close to the Christian command to heal the sick and reform the sinner. It is definitely an offshoot of thou shalt not kill.
5. Brahmacharya which is carrier of Brahman (Hindu term for God). Found in the first stage of Kriya Yoga is the equivalent of the Christian commandment Love the Lord God with your heart, soul, mind and strength.
6. Pratyahara sense withdrawal would not be possible without purification and things like constant practice of detachment and continuous control of the thought variations. This Yoga practice is in compliance with the Christian command “take no thought for thy own self”
7. Living from the Perfection of Being or in Yoga it is the Causal/Spiritual Body is how we are able to follow the Christian command “Be perfect as your father is perfect.” This is the effortless flow state of Meditation the 7th stage of Kriya Yoga.

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