Accidents is a radio talk show titled The Truth About Accidents.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the cliché saying “there are no accidents” along with various interpretations of the phrase. In this show they will discuss the sliding scale of experience; from looking for the meaning behind the accident to the realization that it is impossible to have an accident under Divine Law. Listen as they explain the wrath of God as the Love of God which will not allow individuals to accept anything less than Perfection. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and live under the influence under the protection of Divine Law.


  1. Starting with there are no accidents because there is a reason for the accident thus making the incident intentional to the higher understanding when Spirit is cause creation is perfect void of accidents.
  2. So the statement there are no accidents can be thought of as true but there are two very different ways of looking at it. One, we believe in good and bad which puts us under the law of karma. The perfect accountant; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This belief gives a sense of power to mental and physical laws which keeps us trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth– the false sense of existence. Two, we believe in the Divine Creation which is only good, absolute goodness where there are no accidents because there is only perfect Life and absolute harmony.
  3. In both choices there are no accidents but one is void of accidents and the other sees accidents as a consequence based on mental and physical choices.
  4. The real question here may be– do I believe in the mental/physical universe driven by the belief in two powers good and evil or do I believe in the Spiritual universe driven by a belief in one power absolute Goodness.
  5. A Parenthesis in Eternity by Joel Goldsmith, he writes,
    “To understand this makes it clear that in our spiritual identity all
    that God is, we are. There is no need, therefore, to turn to God for
    something: there is the need only to recognize this relationship of
    oneness, and then create within ourselves a vacuum, so that we can
    realize: My being is constituted of the quality, the substance, and the
    essence of God; and it is the law of God that governs, guides, directs.
    and instructs me.
    The nature of our being is the same as the nature of God-being,
    for we are one. Relaxing in that oneness, we permit the Invisible to
    govern, uphold, sustain, move, feed, clothe, house, direct, and instruct
    us. This is different from thinking of ourselves as something separate
    and apart from God, having to ask God or attempting to influence
    Him: this is the difference between successful spiritual living and
    unsuccessful living of any type.
    God’s grace governs us. God’s grace is our sufficiency, but that
    Grace is not brought into our experience by praying to God in the
    sense of asking, pleading, or seeking for it. Rather does it come by
    relaxing into an atmosphere of receptivity.
    At this very moment let us turn from the human picture which
    is presenting itself to us and realize that we live and move and have
    our being in God. Wherever we are, let us relax in the Invisible. We
    cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or smell It, but through faith, through
    an inner conviction, we can understand that the place whereon we
    stand is holy ground, that where the I of us is, God is, that the kingdom
    of God is within us, right where we are, and then, feeling that,
  6. We can’t simply say there are no accidents but believe in accidents and be under the protection of Divine Law. Jesus told us “resist not evil” because there is no evil in Spiritual identity. Evil is a concept of the human creation which runs on belief; Spirit is the only Self-existent power.
  7. The message of the Christ is to acknowledge this larger sense of Life.