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A poster for the radio talk show Reading the Room Spiritually.
Reading the Room Spiritually

Reading Room is a radio talk show with the title Reading the Room Spiritually.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing  the radio talk show Reading the Room Spiritually.
Lisa and Kenny on the radio September 2023

Reading Room:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about developing the ability to see Spiritually by keeping awareness on the Divine idea and not the testimony of the corporeal senses. Listen as they explore the operation of Divine Mind as the only reality when the material senses are buried in the Silence and Stillness of Divine Revelation. In this show they will focus on the inner dynamics of turning off mortal mind and activating the seven Spiritual centers in the astral body.  Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and experience the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.


  1. It is interesting for me to begin to understand that what I see with the material senses isn’t there and I am blind to the Divine Creation which is everywhere always. Something from Mary Baker Eddy; Body -“We live in a universe of perfect form. Not only our body, but all that is formed is literally the body of God and is perfect now. To believe that the infinite substance has been malformed through the ignorant mental activity of the individual, and must be redeemed and perfected through the same activity, is to see not one power, but two. There is no condition in the body. There is nothing in the body to be rebuilt or straightened or healed. There is nothing to change. There is nothing needed but to see God. Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord. Your spoken word is not needed to make wholeness manifest, for wholeness is the eternal state of the unseen and the seen, the unformed and the formed; but it is needed for your unfoldment, for the unfolding and broadening and deepening of the individual until he realizes this perfection. Stop trying to think God into manifestation. God is manifest now. God’s glory and perfection are everywhere visible to him that hath eyes to see. “
  2. The idea of seeing only the Divine creation and becoming a faithful witness to the invisible intangible Omnipresence of absolute Goodness. To do this with any degree of success we have to begin to think differently. I like to challenge the status quo and to do this I have
    Herb Fitch RO 17A “Now we’re ready to ride into Jerusalem because we’re in the new Consciousness. Man of earth, mortality, has been overcome. The new Consciousness is conscious of Immortality. Matter, man of matter has been overcome. The new Consciousness is conscious of Spiritual identity. Riding into Jerusalem on a young colt the Master is teaching us this is a pathway to salvation. Up till now in the human consciousness salvation meant being good, being honest, being virtuous, tithing, getting on your knees before the Lord, reciting doctrinal prayers and formulae, looking out and doing good to your neighbor; all of this was called the road to salvation. And everybody who followed it found it wasn’t the road to salvation at all. (20:07)
    They didn’t find salvation they found death and they found problems on the way to death. And when they had died they didn’t receive salvation. They came back into more bodies and started all over again, looking again for salvation. Because they hadn’t ridden into Jerusalem on a young colt. The young colt with Christ in the saddle is Divine wisdom, Truth. Truth that is ever Truth. Truth you can depend on to take you into Jerusalem which is the higher Consciousness. The glory of heaven on earth; new Jerusalem.”
  3. Learn to challenge the testimony of the material senses for example “x-rays don’t lie” or are they representation of the lie?
  4. The only way to serve Christ is to be Christ and Christ is Spirit.

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