Spiritual Nature

Realizing Your True Spiritual Nature

Spiritual Nature is a radio talk show discussing some of the practices to initiate the process to help an individual realize their true Spiritual Nature.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show on Realizing Your True Spiritual Nature.

Spiritual Nature

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the concept of realization of your Spiritual Nature. Humans have enormous potential; however, we have to be taught how to unlock this opportunity. Kriya Yoga as a complete holistic health management system is one way to actualize this Divine Nature. Listen as they explore some of the most common misconceptions regarding this Ultimate possibility. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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1. To be Spiritual is to be backed by God! To feel the support of something so pure, powerful, and sacred that it fills you with the feelings of Bliss, wonder, awe.
2. Initiation or the role of “Religion” in the actualization of this optimal position. We are not born with the programing. By living instinctually we will survive but we will not realize our Spiritual Nature.
3. Humans are complex beings and as a result have options. However, to actualize the Spiritual Nature requires a separation from material alternatives. One or the other but not both.
4. What we desire determines our nature! What we are attached to for validation; determines our identity. Attached to particles (visible and tangible) = animal nature; attached to waves (invisible and tangible) = human nature; but attached to Void, Nothing, God (invisible and intangible) = Divine Nature.
5. What frequency or vibration we resonate to; like attracts like. This is what we call the physics of Spirituality.
6. Key point: we are eternal spiritual beings. Not material beings waiting to die to become spiritual. As Jesus told Nicodemus “unless a person be born again in water and the Spirit; they shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” As Thoreau said, “heaven is below our feet as well as above our heads.” Heaven is a state of being and not a place we go to.
7. To realize your True Spiritual Nature requires a conversion; a shift of identity. This is the new covenant talked about we separate from one and join with another. It is important to understand that this is an upgrade and not deprivation.
8. With Divine assistance comes Virtue to overcome fear, Wisdom to overcome ignorance, Purpose to overcome selfishness, and Enthusiasm to overcome laziness.
9. A spiritual identity has the backing of Principle. With God all things are possible! We must be in harmony with Divine Law and we have Divine Power.