Living From the Perfection of Being

Perfection is a radio talk show discussing the possibilities available to those who accept the privilege of Living From the Perfection of Being.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Living From the Perfection of Being.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the Perfection of Being as the role of the causal/Spiritual body. In this show they will discuss terms like “the heart” as the rightful position of the human mind as an avenue of awareness. Listen as they explain the various levels of awareness available to every individual at any given moment. Perfection is the English equivalent for the term “Purna” meaning whole. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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Perfection Notes:

1. According to physics underlying matter is energy and underlying energy is the void. In Kriya Yoga physiology there is a 3 body system consisting of Physical Mental and Spiritual dimensions of reality.
2. One of the consistent Truths in the Spiritual Sciences is that it is not possible to be Sensual and Spiritual at the same time. When the field of awareness is occupied with sensory input there is no Spiritual testimony.
3. The function of the 5th stage of Kriya Yoga is Pratyahara (Sense withdrawal) which requires the placement of the field of awareness in direct contact with the causal/Spiritual body.
4. How we think is what we become; means that if we are focused on Sensory inputs which are duality we are limited to becoming a finite being. This has varying degrees of outcomes but at best the individual is under the laws of Karma with a belief in two powers.
5. However if the individual lifts thought out of the testimony of the senses and accepts Spiritual Truth they will have the benefit of living from the Perfection of Being.
6. What is so great about being under the scientific government of the Divine Mind. Infallibility! Whole, complete and perfect the one size fits all solution to every and any problems.
7. Divine Mind knows no iniquity. All that God is; I am. Moving out of the relative and divided into the absolute and United.
8. Key note: Causal/Spiritual body is the “cause” of all creation. The only creative Principle that is backed by Truth. This is the belief in One Power and is under the Law of Life which is the law of Harmony and Love.