a poster for the radio talk show titled The Practicality of Spirituality.

The Practicality of Spirituality

Practicality is a radio talk show discussing the Practicality of Spirituality. Talking about the benefits of being anchored in the changeless state of Being.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on the Practicality of Spirituality.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the distinct differences between secular and spiritual approaches to life– as we think we know it. Listen as they explore some of the most common misconceptions concerning a Spiritual Life. In this show they will focus on the benefits of living by Grace as opposed to material and mental human means. Spirituality isn’t magic it is a science and must be demonstrable. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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Practicality Notes:

1. Going from material laws, conditions, and means; to mental beliefs, thoughts, opinions; into Spiritual understanding. Why because Divine Mind can do what the human mind/body complex cannot do.
2. How we think is what we become; to think humanly is to be material mortal and under the laws of matter and time. To sow to the flesh has limitations; all of our effort to improve and prolong the material life will be stripped away. “Aim for heaven, earth gets thrown in. Aim for earth you get neither.” CS Lewis
3. What is Spiritual Understanding? Spirit cannot be understood in material or sensual terms; and for the most part our understanding of good means more pleasures and profits of the world. Spirit is whole; invisible and intangible.
4. Our world view is a projection of our consciousness. A consciousness that is governed by Divine Mind is under the Laws of Harmony, Life, Truth, Principle, Spirit and displays the perfect picture. A consciousness that is under the rule of human mind and the collective cosmic mind (a false Divine Image) is subject to the Laws of Karma and matter.
5. Living from the perspective of Spiritual Identity enables us to look beyond personalities and appearances into the Spirit of all individuals. By seeing the goodness in others it makes it visible to them.
6. What does it look like when your sense of wellbeing is dependent on the changeless state of Being which is the Law of Harmony? You are anchored in Truth and unshakeable.

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