Truth Shadow

Truth Shadow is a radio talk show with the title Leaving the Shadow of Truth.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Truth Shadow.

Truth Shadow:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will  talk about life without Principle and why it will never work as well as Life with Principle. In this show they will discuss some of the reactions when one learns that what we call “life” isn’t Life at all. Listen as they explain the meaning of the term Enlightenment and what that must look like when doing It. In this show they will discuss some of the benefits of having more faith in Spirit than matter.  Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and experience the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.


  1. The Shadow of Truth is the false sense of reality we call this world. It is the reflection of the Truth but there is no Life, Truth, intelligence or Substance in it. The major problem is when we mistake the shadow for the Truth; what the Yoga Sutra’s call avidya which is mistaking the impermanent for the permanent.
  2. Critical to understand that what we call mind or the human, corporeal, mortal mind is the shadow of Truth and what we must come out of in order to know the Truth. What we call thinking (forming thoughts and opinions based on visible tangible or invisible tangible data) is the shadow of Truth.
  3. In order to cast a shadow there must be light and an obstruction to the light. The term enlightenment is experienced when the obstruction to light is removed. Reminding me that any desire to achieve a tangible objective must be consciously transcended from the shadow to the light, bringing a desire for perfection, satisfaction and success requiring a daily practice– in all things watch and wait – not from the perspective of a physical being struggling to fix or manipulate the material shadow but from the light of the highest understanding of the perfect, ever satisfying and always successful Spiritual Truth that must therefore cast a corresponding shadow.
  4. We must know ourselves in the way we are known by the Creator. Like attracts like; only Truth knows Truth or Spirit knows Spirit, thus, we live in human thought and have human experiences; unless, we know Divine Mind– then we live in Divine Idea and we have Divine experiences.
  5. Living in the Light means there is no shadow; in the same why living in the Truth dispels the false sense of existence. Spiritual identity dispels the false material sense of existence revealing only the Truth of Being. There is only One Eternal Life and it is Perfect. If there is only one immortal Life than who am I?
  6. Here we are overcoming the belief that Divine Omnipresence is not All. We are looking to meet this world with the consciousness that Only One Divine Life and It is Perfect. When we see discord, lack, sickness, suffering we are in human thought individualized from the shadow of Truth.
  7. Living out from the Truth of Being means we are an expression of an indestructible Principle; whole, complete, fulfilled, unchanging. To accept Spiritual identity means one is the reflection of the Divine Principle and under the protection of Divine Law.
  8. Herb Fitch RSJ 8B, ” There can be no evil where God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. Evil is revealed as a nothingness, existing only in the finite mind which has no existence of its own. The hypnotist and the hypnotism are unmasked. We can face them without fear, because they have no real existence when you are in the living Will of the living Father.”
  9. Principles don’t change and they are not effected by scale; Laws like mathematics or Divine Science work independent of size.