Faulty Facts

a poster for the radio talk show on faulty facts titled A Fault Finder Can't Be a Fact Finder.
Facts about finding faults.

Faulty Facts is a radio talk show with the title A Fault Finder Can’t Be a Fact Finder.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on faulty facts titled A Fault Finder Can't Be a Fact Finder.
Lisa and Kenny on the radio February 2023

Faulty Facts:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the statement of Mary Baker Eddy in Miscellaneous Writings 298:25, ” The true consciousness is the true health” and the ability to know the difference between the false from the True. Listen as they explain how a mind that works on contrast and polarity is incapable of detecting unity and absolute wholeness. In this show they will discuss the operation of the Divine Principle as the only fact of true existence found only in Oneness. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and see Life as it truly is One Perfect Divine Spirit.


  1. This title was inspired by a lecture from Margaret Laird CSB. I find it very helpful to understand how the mortal mind works in order to Know Divine Mind rightly. To help understand the concept of fault versus fact I have something from Herb Fitch RO 12B I’ll read it, “And so, the human mind is capable of two observations. It can see the evil or the good on the material plane. Could a devil open the eyes of the blind? That sees the good and the other side of the same mind sees the evil. The revelation then is that the human mind itself is a state of division into good and evil. Good matter, bad matter. Good conditions, bad conditions. But it can never see One. It always sees the opposites, the two.
    And so, the Master, the I of you is revealing that your human mind is divided. It sees the good and the evil of the material world but not further than that. It does not see the Spiritual universe of the I. And so it is always struggling to change the bad to the good because it believes the good is real and the bad is not but I reveal unto you that there is no evil matter and no good matter. There is only I, Invisible Spirit where you see good and evil matter.”
  2. Can the mind free itself from its own creation? True consciousness is the True health but what are we looking at with the false mind? It is like trying to do web design with a television or collecting email with a calculator– it just won’t work. The mortal mind is a splitter, a divided consciousness and therefore can’t bring forth the Divine Image. Repent means think differently; so we stop thinking with the five material senses and we start Knowing with the Soul– the seven Spiritual Senses or Chakras in Kriya Yoga or Churches in Christian Mysticism.
  3. The process in development requires ingenuity, intelligence, and stamina. The three phases in development must be understood and experienced in order to achieve Spiritual Glory. Let’s look at the Christian myth consisting of the crucifixion of the body, the resurrection of the Son and the ascension as the reunion with the Father. In order to surrender personal sense one must master the physical forces. That is, to separate identity from the instincts, appetites, unconscious patterns, and conditioned responses driven by fear and a belief in two powers. This is why we use a path of action, path of knowledge, and a path of devotion because creation isn’t going to reveal Its secrets to an unworthy suitor. Faulty Facts.
  4. The true consciousness is the true health making the false consciousness the false health. Consciousness is experience. Divided is false and united is True; divided has two powers and united has One Power. To help us understand this Living Spirit of the Divine Principle I have something from Herb Fitch 4D 2A “We want to find how I, aware of myself as the Son of the living God, can overcome death and all the things that lead to death, and then even go beyond, for he did say, “And greater things shall ye do.”
  5. Play the Soundbite Herb Fitch 4D 2A – Jesus discovered the identity of God and Man is Spirit, not matter. “Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of matter, — and the body will then utter no complaints.” Mary Baker Eddy S&H 14:12
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