World Health

World Health and Union with the Divine

World Health is a radio talk show that explains the importance of Union with the Divine for world health.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the World Health radio show

World Health

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the position the Kriya Yoga Ashram will take concerning World Health Day. Listen as they breakdown health into the different strategies practiced to obtain Union with the Divine. This show will focus on the missing role of the Trinity in achieving global health and happiness. Being healthy and happy may be easier than you imagined. Yes, you can indulge yourself and increase your vitality. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and experience the benefits of preying on Prana.

1. What does it mean to be healthy? Optimal health based on our beliefs. It will all come down to what we believe; and on a deeper level what we desire. A good question to ask yourself at this time is. Am I getting what I want?
2. Am I happy with what I am attracting to myself?
3. What are my values and what are my goals? Remember there is an innate drive in us all– we want to be whole.
4. Are the choices I am or am not making serving my highest good? In this model eternal happiness is my highest good.
5. What is it that makes me happy? And What is it that makes me healthy? Is there a conflict here. If so, you are not putting God first.
6. Many say, “there is an intelligence that will take care of your body if you let it alone.” I think of this “intelligence” as the God principle or subconscious mind or the void or nothing out of which everything comes. For me, this is what union with the Divine has to do with health.
7. How the conscious mind interferes with this “intelligence” or subconscious mind. We develop limiting beliefs through the 5 sense evidence– based on outer appearances.
8. Beliefs that are developed from a God based reality system is very different than a belief in God.
9. Stand in fear and we stand to lose! These are the beliefs we develop from a particle or wave based reality system combined with a belief in God. This is how we become disconnected from the “intelligence” that will take care of your body.
10. A huge portion of our diseases are lifestyle related. We don’t think right, we don’t breath right, we are not hydrated with clean water, the foods we eat are not providing adequate nourishment, we don’t exercise right. Then we ask our doctor why we are unhealthy and unhappy; and so the cycle continues.
11. Practice Kriya Yoga and become healthy, happy and whole!
12. Next week, Palm Sunday, Siblings Day, Passover, and Good Friday.