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Discovery Day in Canada

Discovery Day history.

Kriya Yoga Asana class. Let us tell you a little about our approach to Yoga.
Kriya Yoga Asana Classes are a module that fit into the
bigger plan called Yoga;they are the physical exercises. Asana means “posture” or a
comfortable stable position and the exercises are developed
to create precision in alignment. Kriya Yoga Asana Classes
are a system of exercises where the individual works with
the geometry of their physical body to lengthen and
strengthen muscles and bring the bones into a position of
internal support. When the bones support internally the
muscles stabilize and the energy moves through the
physical body in the way it is designed to circulate. When
the bones don’t support internally then there is a gripping
affect from the muscles that compensates for the bones
inability to support. This tension in the muscles pulls the
bones out of alignment and creates constriction in the flow
of energy through the physical body causing numerous

August 17, 2015 is Discovery Day in Canada

The origin of Yukon’s Discovery Day dates back to August 17, 1896, when George Washington Carmack discovered gold at Yukon’s Bonanza Creek. His discovery led to a gold rush, with traders and miners flocking to the region to dig for gold. Over the next two years, more than 100,000 prospectors rushed to the Klondike region, constructing the narrow-gage railway in Yukon and establishing Dawson. The race for unseen wealth continued till 1899 when the bubble burst and gold discoveries in other regions drew miners away.

After the gold rush, the Yukon Order of Pioneers convinced Yukon’s Territorial Council to celebrate Discovery Day as a public holiday in 1911. The following year, the holiday was celebrated with parades, sports events, speeches, dances, refreshments, and more. Mining is still an important economic activity in Yukon, and Discovery Day is celebrated with zeal. Miners may not have struck gold, but the gold rush led to the establishment of Yukon as an independent territory. Discovery Day in Yukon is not the same as the Discovery Day celebrated in Newfoundland in June.

Color your Yoga Practice with the Spirit of Adventure. Join us and unlock your greater potential.

Voice of Yoga on Blog Talk Radio

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will be talking about “Discovery Day” which is celebrated in various ways around the planet; today is Canadian Discovery Day. A time to acknowledge achievements in the area of exploration. Kriya Yoga is a science for inner travel and Self Realization. In this show, we will be talking about the similarities between outer travel, outer space travel and inner travel; everything in life has a procedure. To understand one thing gives us insight in understanding everything– the small and simple explains the large and complex. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the light in your soul; and see how Total Consciousness is the new frontier. 


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