Divine Mercy Message Applied to Kriya Yoga

Mercy is a talk show about a different way to look at the concept of the Divine. This show invites the listener to experience the Divine as a source of sustenance instead of an authoritarian figure.


Mercy: Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about Divine Mercy the way Catholic’s may look at the day; then compare it to the Kriya Yoga application. Listen in as they examine the word “mercy” and how it comes from the Latin word for wages. Making mercy more of a heavenly reward in exchange for service as opposed to forgiveness or clemency. They will explain the difference in the outcome of these different relationships.  Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and Prey on Prana.

1. The visual that I have here is that Divine Mercy is more the form of currency and not some sort of Pardon or relief from an obligation.
2. The key is to see the difference between to two views.
3. Things change dramatically when we experience God as a source of sustenance as opposed to an authoritarian figure.
4. The authoritarian view is all imagined and unreal.
5. The source of sustenance is experiential and real.
6. The grace of God is the force right now supporting your life and not a gift to help me cope with the world.
7. One perspective is entirely mental; the other has tangibility. The goal is to feel connected to the Life Force.
8. The practice of Kriya Yoga creates internal support with a real connection to the Divine. To enable the practitioner to move beyond the mental and imagined into a grounded experience.
9. The key here is Love; what is Love? We all have God’s Love but we don’t feel it until we Love God.


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