Divine Self

Divine Self is a radio talk show with the title Living in the Consciousness of One Divine Self.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show Living in the Consciousness of One Divine Self.

Divine Self:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about living from the Truth of Being; that there is but One Divine Life.  In this show they will be explaining how both religion and science is missing the message of Scripture. Listen as they explain a different meaning of the biblical passage, ” But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things shall be added to you.” Matt 6:33.  The Perfect Divine creation is right here and right now for those who have eyes to see. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and experience the dominion of One Divine Life.


  1. “to be ever conscious of Life; is to be never conscious of death. I am All.” Mary Baker Eddy Unity of Good 18:24.
  2. Someone gives you too much change at the store; you see it– what do you do?
  3. Divine Law doesn’t give or withhold It is the State of Divine Perfection, Harmony. One Divine Life. The Law of karma is the perfect accountant what we put out is what we get back. The choice here is what law do I live under.
  4. Herb Fitch RSJ Class 10 “And so the rainbow, the Consciousness which is no longer divided into good and evil, into light and dark, into God and something else, but the Consciousness that God is all, that Spirit is all that can be. Why only John? What about us? Do we believe there is aught but Spirit, aught but God? Do we still believe there is such a thing as evil, error, problems? We know better. We simply haven’t remained alert. We haven’t let them dissolve by touching the Light of our Consciousness. We have even let them tempt us into reaction and given them a life they do not have.
  5. Herb Fitch RSJ Class 10 “This inner rainbow, this Light, this glory, this realization takes you out of body-consciousness. You still appear in the world. You are visible to others, but your Consciousness lives in Reality. There are no opposites in your Consciousness now. Whatever you discern is that which is in the kingdom of God, under Divine law and ever-perfect. You have shattered the belief in a human life span that begins with birth and ends with death. You are your preexistent Self, reunited with the Father, living as the one eternal Life.”
  6. Your worth is not determined by external circumstances but by the degree in which you manifest yourself in God.