Discovery 2017

Discovery 2017- Inner Space Travel with Kriya Yoga

Discovery 2017 is a radio talk show that discusses the adventure of inner space travel with Kriya Yoga.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show Discovery 2017 - Inner Space Travel with Kriya Yoga.

Discovery 2017:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about discovery in the context of inner travel. Just as the early explorers navigated thru uncharted territories; the yogi enters the inner world of thoughts, feelings, imagination, and ideas. Listen as they compare outer travel with the less tangible inner experience. They will discuss the various inner climates and conditions that can make inner travel as challenging and exciting as outer space trips. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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Discovery 2017 Notes: 

1. The term discovery is interesting here; we are not inventing anything but uncovering what is already there. Like the sculptor exposes the image hidden in the stone.
2. One of the realizations that comes with the inner travel of Kriya Yoga is– what surrounds us is within us. And when we see objects it is as if we are revealing them, as if their very existence depended on the seeing.
3. What happens when ones identity shifts from a separate entity to a reflection of the infinite.  Consciousness, when depersonalized, becomes the universe experiencing itself, like a mirror appearing in its own reflection.
4. 98% of the universe is invisible and if like attracts like; then if you are attached to particles you are disconnected from 98% of your reality.
5. Kriya Yoga in 8 Stages is preparatory work for exploration and discovery of 98% of reality. How to access the invisible and the invisible and intangible aspects of this universe.
6. Just like outer space travel; inner space travel has strict requirements such as a vehicle that has power to overcome opposing forces. Adaptability to navigate in different environments and climates.
7. Just as the astronaut know when they are in outer space, outside the earths gravitational government; the Yogi knows when they are in inner space, outside the government of the senses. Totally free from the limitations of sensual influences and duality.
8. Welcome to the Unified Field; the dimension of reality where there is only peace, love, happiness, goodness, Life, Principle, harmony, wholeness, and health.
9. Getting past the fear, desires, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts; joining with the unchanging, ever growing Divine Law seeking expression.
10. New Moon in Libra Brings Balance.