Train the Mind to Serve Spirit

Spirit is a radio talk show discussing the simple instruction to train the mind to serve Spirit and train the body to serve the mind.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show Train the Mind to Serve Spirit.


Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about Kriya Yoga as a Spiritual Science. Swami Rama Tirtha said, “train the mind to serve Spirit; train the body to serve the mind.” They will discuss the goal of this simple practice to realize we are eternal spiritual being. Listen as they talk about how a mortal mind creates a mortal body– secular is not Spiritual. This system of Traditional Yoga is all about demonstration of the Spiritual Laws of immortality. Learn how to go from knowing to doing. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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1. The secret to Life is to put God first. Train the mind to serve  God.
2. Quote from S&H Mary Baker Eddy page 324  “if the idea of the supremacy of Spirit, which is the true conception of being, come not to your thought, you cannot be benefited by what I say.”
3. What does it mean to serve Spirit; to think that Spirit is more important than me. This awareness can unfold into recognition that we are connected to Something; pure, powerful, and sacred.
4. This simple act of putting God ahead of ourselves is a deliberate act of worship.
5. The role of selfless service to Spirit. The key to being selfless is to understand that you are an eternal spiritual being, a reflection of Divine law seeking expression.
6. Connection with something pure, powerful, and sacred. Remembering we are Created, sustained, protected, and directed by Divine Law.
7. Pure consciousness brings perfect health. This is a valuable sign to work with.
8. There is a difference between believing and demonstrating; Belief in God does not do the work of Spiritual Understanding.
9. Am I a liberated Spiritual Being or am I a consciousness trapped in limited material beliefs? How do we know and what are the tangible clues. Health is a major one, fearless, virtuous, purposeful, energetic.