Air Quality

Modeling Air Quality and Union with the Divine

Air Quality is a radio talk show discussing the role of air in relation to human life and development. Contaminated thinking produces contaminated resources.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the Modeling Air Quality and Union with the Divine radio show.

Air Quality 

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the effects of air models on the quality of life. Listen as they explain just how valuable air is to life on this planet. What would matter if your next breath wasn’t there waiting for you? Without air we can only live minutes and yet few ever think of it; what is wrong with this picture? This show will discuss the benefits of putting air in a position of importance in your life. Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to  get the Light in your soul and use what you really need to keep you happy.

1. Air is our number 2 life sustaining force and should be high on your priority list. Notice I used the word “should” I am sure most therapist cringe at the sound.
2. If there are no “should’s” there will be no problems. How did this ever happen? I ask the same question when I hear that the air quality is poor today. What are we thinking?
3. Contaminated thinking produces contaminated resources. There isn’t much sense trying to clean up the planet until we clean up our beliefs. When money is more important than air– what are you thinking? Especially when money isn’t real and it doesn’t support life. Money is the currency that we use to get water, food, shelter but we don’t need money to buy air.
4. The value of cleaning up our thinking is realizing the importance of our #2 life sustaining force and when it is in its position of importance– we are thinking right.
5. Interestingly thinking is our number 1 need and this makes thinking right– putting what you need in its position of importance.
6. Something magical happens to a human being that makes this conversion in values. They become attached or addicted to a different source of sustenance. Prey on Prana.
7. This connection initiates a progressive cycle in human development– the mind opens. We are no longer self-absorbed and see ourselves as separate.
8. Humans in the adult state are virtuous by nature. Principle centered behavior is crucial in building a bridge to the Life Force.
9. Cruelty is a sign of weakness; we can expect kindness only from the strong. Vise means to render ineffectual and virtue brings virility.
10. Next week is mother’s day!