Kriya Yoga Mantra and Meditation in Hampton


The effort and work of concentration will become the effortless flow state of Meditation.

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KYMM Mantra is Kriya Yoga Mantra and MeditationA button to get more information on the topic

Mantra is a skillful use of sound with the power of sacred words; so we can resonate to a higher frequency. The effortful work of concentration becomes the effortless flow state of meditation. Learn how to expand the conscious mind. Join matter/mind with Spirit. Discover that with repetition comes absorption and advancement comes with practice. Options: Class / Personal Training.

$5.00 per Session
$85.00 monthly subscription
Sundays at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST Online Classes

KYMM Mantra has a Purpose: Dharana or Concentration is the ability to block out unrelated matter and focus on the task at hand. Concentration develops one’s will power to extend the attention span. It is the constant practice of non-attachment and the constant restraint of the thought process–this work is strenuous and effortful. To get the best results practice makes perfect; when practice is perfect. Mantra is a technique used in the larger plan of a Kriya Yoga practice. Dharana or Concentration is the sixth stage of an eight stage program. For best results master the previous five stages and follow the process in development. The Process in physiological, psychological, and Spiritual development has an evidence procedure. The individual develops from pre-personal or unconscious awareness (physical identity) , to personal or self conscious awareness (mental identity) and finally into transpersonal identity or super conscious awareness (Spiritual identity).