Metaphysical Personal Training


Metaphysical Personal Training is a great way to learn the Practices that are designed to get Results. The mysteries of the universe have always been handed down directly from teacher to student. Get the Light in your soul.

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The mysteries of the universe have always been handed down directly from teacher to student. One on one individual instruction and training in the Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga; is available at the ashram, your home, on line live or by telephone. Sign up now for your appointment.

Online Classes

Cost: $80.00 per hour

What to Expect in a Session:
Evaluation of your “Spiritual” practice in metaphysical personal training is measured against the tried and true Kriya Yoga Scientific format. This comparison is applicable to any and all organized religions or mystical systems such as– Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Taoist, Yoga, Martial Arts, Astrology, Reiki, etc. We have tangible guidelines for all levels from beginner to advanced. In this model we do not mix beliefs in matter and mind with Spirit. Instead we understand Spirit to be the only Reality and as a result translate everything back into Spirit. There is only One Perfect Divine Life and nothing else.

Guidance in recommended changes based on these comparisons. Nutrition comes in many forms beside food. Bad habits set up limitations and we do not move past them, until we correct them; living is subject to these rules, if we don’t think right, breath right, hydrate, eat right or exercise right we will have limitations. We offer suggestions on all levels of sustenance including food!
Education in the physics of Spirituality and Apotheosis– the process of the human becoming Divine. Clear instruction in how to go from a human in the larvae state into the human in the adult state. Spirituality isn’t magic, an intellectual accomplishment, or a technique; its relativity, cause and effect, nutrition. In these sessions, you learn how to transform from the victim to the creator and bridge the gap between ancient religion and modern science. How to become powered by Prana!