Mapping is a radio talk show with the title Mapping the Infinite Spiritual Body.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show titled Mapping the Infinite Spiritual Body.

Mapping the Infinite Spiritual Body

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the Revelation of Saint John as a map to help material sense find the invisible intangible Spiritual Body. Listen as they use the man, bull, lion and eagle to discover the Divine sequence of the Zodiac. In this show they will compare churches to chakras and the Salutations of the Sun and Moon to the four and twenty elders. When a bee comes back to the hive it does a dance; in these movements it tells all the other bees where it went to get the pollen. Movement as attunement to the Divine creation. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and live in the Spiritual Identity.


  1. When you are driving somewhere unknown and there is someone giving you directions. You can literally arrive at the destination and not know where you are based on your awareness of the trip; if you are paying attention to the instructions or mindlessly going thru the turns. The same is true for Spiritual practice; we can go to a class and follow the teacher without ever being able to lead the class. There is also an important variable to consider, practice makes perfect only when practice is perfect. It seems to me humanity has been following “Spiritual” practices that only lead to the promise of “Perfection” and not the Truth of Being. Here we are looking to Perfect the practice that leads to the God experience.
  2. Astrology as a Spiritual Science; may be the cosmic map which can be a wonderful tool in understanding the underlying infinite Spiritual Body. The miracle of accepting and living in the knowledge of the infinite Spiritual Body is what takes care of what is called the personal physical body. Mapping consciousness.
  3. Herb Fitch in 4D 14B he states, “If we could accept Identity now, we would all be accepting the same Identity, the infinite Self. We would all be accepting the same Body, the infinite Body, and then we would all be joint heirs in Christ, not because the Bible said so, but because we know that what it said is so.” Here we are trying to map out what that Infinite Spiritual Body looks like and if not able to see yet with Spiritual sense at least how to point awareness in the right direction. As the Tibetans say we need the finger to point to the moon but woe unto him who mistakes the finger for the moon; for they shall not know the bright light of the moon nor what a finger is.
  4. David Keyston, wrote “Mary Baker Eddy recognized mortal mind’s nature as wholly hypnotic, deceptive mesmerism. She recognized that what we perceive as matter through the physical senses actually points to the real, the present divinely spiritual fact; it is mortal mind which presents the counterfeit.” Mapping is what we are talking about.
  5. Joel Goldsmith in A Parenthesis in Eternity says, “”How can we be aware of the people in this world? There is only one way. We have to peck that shell open; we have to break through the limitations of this mind that tries to tell us that there are only the people and the territory around us, and we have to open our vision until we are aware of the sun, moon, and stars, the oceans and mountains, and then before we know it, as our vision grows wider and wider and wider, we discover that there are lands and countries across the sea filled with people.”
  6. Expanding identity beyond the limits of personal sense and body awareness into the Infinite Spiritual Body (Body of Christ). The church tries to represent this by ingesting bread and wine into the physical body which seems to have given humanity the promise of religion but not the God experience. Here we are capitulating the mind/body complex to be ingested by the Mystical Body the Infinite Spiritual body which is everywhere now but only to Divine Mind. Here we use the Zodiac to stretch material sense beyond the physical and mental perspectives and add movements in harmony with the Divine sequence to attune the mind/body complex in rising and falling and rising to symbolize the surrender of personal sense to Spiritual Substance.
  7. Herb Fitch, 4D 14B states, “As this recognition of Christ Self grows, so does the acceptance of the Christ Mind, and as you come into the awareness of the Christ Mind, superseding your former sense of a finite, limited mind, you must accept a Christ Body. You cannot have a Christ Mind and a human body. You cannot have an infinite Mind and a finite body. It’s impossible. And so you come to that place where you can look out at the Universe and say, “This is my Body. The Universe is my Body,” and (not) even the visible Universe. Everything in this Universe is imitating my Body.” The reason I say even the visible Universe is because Mary Baker Eddy said in Body, “Omnipresence means the full presence of God as all, that God is everywhere, all the time. It means that God and his activity is all there is, not only of the invisible, but of the visible, not only of the formless, but of the formed. Therefore it must follow that the formed is as perfect as the formless, the manifest is as perfect as the unmanifest; for since there is but one unchanging creator, one activity, one power, one perfect Mind bringing forth its own perfect substance, it logically follows that all form is changeless and eternally perfect.”