Kriya Yoga Yama

Stage 1 YamasStage 2 NiyamasStage 3 AsanaStage 4 PranyamaStage 5 PratyaharaStage 6 DharanaStage 7 DhyanaStage 8 Samadhi


Yamas are the religious restraints from– injury, lying, stealing, greed and sensuality.

1. Yamas: Non-Injury (Ahimsa): Can’t hurt yourself and you can’t hurt others. Non injury is the antidote to fear.

2. Yamas: Non-Lying (Satya): There is only one Supreme Being, only one Truth, only one God, only one #1 Need– everything else is lying. Non lying is the antidote to ignorance.

3. Yamas; Non-Stealing (Asteya): What energy field am I connected to? Non stealing is the antidote to laziness.

4. Yamas: Non-Greed (Aparigraha): Greed is driven from the physical body looking for validation what we call need. Non greed is the antidote to selfishness.

5. Yamas: Non-Sensuality (Brahmacharya): Carrier of Brahman is one who uses the Life Force to validate the physical body. Non sensuality is the antidote to fear, ignorance, laziness and selfishness; simply because, it is this union of the individual with the Life Force that begins the Yoga Process and makes Transformation possible.

Purpose: The Yamas are the code of ethics that is in compliance with universal law. They are the standards to live by and enable us to measure and monitor our behavior. They help a person establish a value system through which s/he will filter all of their affairs. The Process!
Principle centered behavior is how we build the bridge to our greater potential!

No Yoga – No Apotheosis
Know Yoga – Know Apotheosis