Truth 2019

Truth 2019 is a radio talk show titled Breaking the Code with Truth discussing the hypnotism of duality as a belief in two powers.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show titled Breaking the Code with Truth

Truth 2019

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will be talking about uncovering the secret to Life. In this show they explore the possibilities found in the Truth of Being. They will discuss the benefits found in Union with the Divine by making Spirit cause; by explaining the role of the causal/spiritual body. We will be revisiting the purpose of Pratyahara (Sense Withdrawal) in changing how to think.  Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the light in your soul and experience true senseless optimism.

Truth 2019 Notes:

  1. The secret to Life is found in all scripture; put God first, last, and all.
  2. All need is based on a false conceptual identity; all fear originates from defense of this false sense of self. True Identity is backed by Spiritual Law and needs nothing.
  3. Spiritual Identity is not just senseless optimism but a demonstrable Divine Law.
  4. By accepting the Kingdom that God is conscious of instead of the world I am conscious of; we are demonstrating Faith. It was always your Infinite Invisible Self, which appeared as another reincarnated physical form and will continue to do so, until you make this recognition as your Identity.
  5. Herb Fitch Revelation of St. John “If you want the Truth, here it is. But first, renounce the belief in a second life. Renounce the belief in even the possibility of error. Oh, you say, “I can’t do it, my child is really sick.” Fine. You can reincarnate and start all over again, the Father is perfectly willing for all those who are not ready to enter the Kingdom of God to take as much time at the moment as they wish. We are all given that opportunity to wallow in our mortality as long as we wish.
  6. Let’s suppose I change my song: Father, my child appears to be sick, and my doctor says my child is sick, and my child’s temperature is high, and the poor little dear is pale and weak but, I’m sure that if You knew about this, something would be done and You’re not doing a thing. I’m therefore sure, You know nothing about this and I am therefore prepared to say, that whoever knows something about this is under the impression that they know more than God. They must be wrong. I can declare, truthfully, that every medical diagnosis ever made since the world began is a declaration of knowing more than God. And it must be wrong, for the simple reason that God is all, and God is Perfect. What is there then that is imperfect? – that consciousness which is disconnected from God, which does not know the Father aright.”