TLC Labyrinth Video


This Transformational Labyrinth Video is an exercise in concentration using the 7 circuit Cretin Labyrinth.

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TLC Labyrinth Video

Designed for apotheosis. The TLC Labyrinth is an ancient tool used as an exercise in concentration to balance energy and expand the conscious mind. It was developed from the two part philosophy “know thyself” and “nothing in excess.” The theory behind the TLC Labyrinth is enhanced by the use of Kriya Yoga and Astrology to ensure the best return from all concentrated efforts.

Transformational Lifestyle Concepts of IPD will facilitate the balancing of the chakras and the expansion of the conscious mind. The chakras are energy converters in the astral/mental body. This Transformational Program is an exercise in concentration. The program contains: An organized system for examining ourselves in the way we are created– know thy self. An organized exercise designed to distribute energy evenly into each department of life– nothing in excess. It works on the principle that energy follows mind and where we concentrate is where our energy goes. All imbalances and diseases are the result of beliefs in something other than the Perfection of your being.