Kriya Yoga Theory 1 Class 5 Pratyahara Video


Key Points of this Class:
Separation of Intelligence from Instinct; 5 Sheaths; 4 Mental Functions; Detachment
Inner Marriage begins the Process

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Kriya Yoga Theory 1

Pratyhara 1 is the fifth class in Kriya Yoga Theory 1. This Program is a comprehensive course that will help you get your arms around the science of Kriya Yoga. It provides a clear understanding of the goals and objectives behind Yoga– Union of the individual with the Divine; along with the physics of Spirituality. It includes the practices, supportive concepts of Kriya Yoga and the process in Human Development—Apotheosis (the process of the human becoming Divine); a complete guide in how to become a Human in the Adult State. Get the Light in your Soul with Pratyhara 1! The course is perfect gift for anyone.Click button for more information.

Pratyahara 1

Sense withdrawal is an important phase in human development and has to be understood clearly. The term often used in the Yoga community is “detachment” and the advice is to be detached. However, this is misleading because we must be “attached” to “something” we all have desire. The key to this stage is found in the Yama, Brahmacharya “carrier of Brahman;” once we have internalized the Life Force in the physical body– so that, the physical body “desires” “nothing.” Then, from this vantage point we can lift ourselves out of the grips of duality and gain objectivity. This stage is the first phase in the process of human development.