Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance Video Retreat Package 15


KYSA Package is the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance of 2015 in Costa Rica on Video. This discounted package contains 7 videos of the event for one low price. Each video contains the information presented at the actual retreat. These sessions are a great introduction into Spiritual Science and the physics of true Spirituality.

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KYSA Package at Institute For Personal Development, Inc. is the 2015 Spiritual Advance on video.
Get all 7 Videos of the  Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance 2015 Retreat in Costa Rica for $56.00

KYSA Package is for you when you are serious about becoming United with your Divinity and experiencing Apotheosis— this may be exactly what you are looking for because Transformation isn’t an event it’s a process! What is a Spiritual Advance? In the same way one may take payment now on a check that hasn’t been issued yet but is due on a future date. A Spiritual Advance is a Spiritual practice that allows you to start collecting dividends before you actually leave home. Get all 7 Videos of the 2015 Retreat in Costa Rica.

The Spiritual Advance is a program designed to initiate Apotheosis. Apotheosis is the process of the human becoming Divine. This revolutionary platform is engineered to accumulate momentum in the progressive cycle. It operates by focusing on the connection to the Life Force. Initially Spirit is perceived as a source of sustenance. In the later stages Spirit is the only Reality. This practice is for those looking to go beyond the limits of physical reality and transcend into the frontier of Total Consciousness. For those looking to become a pioneer of the Divine Principle within yourself; to go past theory into experience.