Courage Moon

Full Moon in Aries brings Courage

Courage Moon is a radio talk show with the title Full Moon in Aries brings Courage and discussing the astrology of the event.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing Courage Moon the radio talk show Full Moon in Aries brings Courage.

Courage Moon

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will be talking about the Full Moon today at 10:53 PM EDT in Aries with a square to Saturn. The Full Moon is the delivery day to the New Moon on 9/9/18 17° Virgo; what began on this day is now in full visibility. In this show they will be discussing the practice of using what surrounds us to mirror what we are holding in consciousness. Listen as they explain the value of moving the mind into its rightful position as an avenue of awareness of Truth. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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Courage Moon Notes:

1. The New Moon 17° Virgo on September 9 comes to fruition today 9/24/18 2° Aries; what began in the feminine side of Mercury Chakra culminates in the masculine side of Mars Chakra. Giving a generic message that purity brings bravery.
2. The New Moon promises the Full Moon delivers; the promise is Sun Moon sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto may suggest a transformation of lofty aspirations into Self-expression. The delivery is Sun inconjunct Uranus, opposition Moon, square Saturn, trine Mars, sextile North Node and trine South Node. Delivery may be colored with a series of events bringing new insights to form Self-expression, tension between collective purpose and Self-expression, harmony between personal desire and Self-expression.
3. Nodal axis is in favorable aspect to the Sun Moon opposition; trine and sextile with Mars conjunct the South Node. Where there is material loss there is Spiritual gain; where there is material gain there is Spiritual loss.

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