Carnival 2017

The Feast of Mardi Gras for Yogis Today

Carnival 2017 is a radio talk show discussing a different way of celebrating the feast of Mardi Gras. A better use of Yoga, that can be applied to everyday life.

a poster for the radio shows that talked about Green Monday and Advent. plus Carnival 2017

Carnival 2017

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the “Feast” and the concept of Mardi Gras. They will discuss the origins of the word “Carnival” as a “farewell to flesh” and look into the deeper meaning of this tradition. Listen as they explain, how being “Spiritual” isn’t abstinence but indulgence. They will show how the real Yogi literally desires and delights in “Nothing.” They will talk about the benefits of being addicted to “Nothing” and how to use Kriya Yoga to actualize the experience. ¬†Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the light in your soul to start your personal Prana Addiction.

1. Farewell to flesh is the origins of the word carnival. It almost seems like we are 180 degrees from the original intention of the word.
2. I believe the missing piece to the puzzle is the concept of conversion. Going from a human who preys on particles and waves into a human who preys on Prana.
3. It seems when you miss the point from the beginning then nothing will ever line up. Hence, we indulge ourselves in food and drink and call it a feast.
4. Unless you convert to a human preying on Prana you don’t understand the attraction.
5. Billy Joel has a line in one of his records, “they are sharing a drink we call loneliness but it is better than drinking alone.” Is this the consolation prize?
6. Kriya Yoga is a much better alternative to eating and drinking; when it is understood correctly.
7. Offense is your best defense! When you are drawing from something that is pure, powerful, and sacred plus it is producing the feeling of bliss, wonder, and awe. It is easy to withdraw from the things that were producing cravings.
8. Literally becoming addicted to what you really do “need.” Becoming addicted to “Nothing” is the secret to life. True freedom! Liberation!
9. Kriya Yoga is exactly this– Union of the Individual with the Divine! Love God, Desire Nothing, or Use what you NEED to produce the feeling you are OK. Different ways of saying the same thing–Prey on Prana!
10. Rebirthing the body in the Life Force– isn’t just useless advice but a real experience that has an evidence procedure. Apotheosis is real when you follow the directions.

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