Spiritual Feast

Spiritual Feast is a radio talk show with the title Feast on Spirit to Fast from the Senses.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Spiritual Feast.

Spiritual Feast:

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the function of fasting as a form of instant gratification being unnoticed in today’s world view. In this show they will discuss some of the benefits of sowing to the Spirit and absent from the flesh. Listen as they explain the science of like attracts like by using indulgence to eliminate abstinence– can’t beat them join them. Spirit is a dissolving influence and translates everything back into Itself. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the Light in your soul and indulge in the Omnipresent Spirit.


  1. Coming from a background in athletics where offense is the best defense; indulgence is the best antidote for abstinence because fear is a defense mechanism for the corporeal senses. This all comes with believing in mortal existence; survival is the law of the fittest.
  2. Absent from the body (senses) present with the Lord (Spirit). Indulge yourself in the Life Force and starve yourself from the corporeal senses; proves to be a better way to Live.
  3. The Divine Creation is right here and right now; we don’t have to wait for anything but to be conscious of It. We cannot be thinking of this world and conscious of the Divine Creation at the same time. The biggest obstruction to Divine Knowing is when we think we are conscious of the Divine Mind but no Kingdom of Heaven appearing.
  4. Look here: 4th Dimension Herb Fitch session 9A. “The healing Consciousness is not just to heal a backache. It’s to glorify the Father in you in every possible way. And really, if you cannot develop a healing Consciousness, then Jesus was not teaching the Truth because he said that if you learned his Identity, which is the meaning of “If you believe on me,” if you learn his Identity, the very miracles that were attributed to him on earth, you would do.
    Each of us should have this, not as our only goal, but we should never be satisfied until the healing grace is part of our being. And the reason for that is because, although we suspect that we know Truth, until you find yourself able to demonstrate the Truth you know, you might as well face it: You don’t really know it. And healing, therefore, becomes the way in which you prove to yourself that you know what you think you know. That’s the only reason for healing on the spiritual path. And you’ll find that within you is this capacity. It isn’t reserved for what is called a practitioner. It is your natural dispensation by virtue of being a joint heir in Christ.”
  5. Fasting from corporeal sense is a method of inducing the Spiritual experience and feasting on Spirit is a method of prolonging that fast and the Spiritual experience. Christians call it Love God, Buddhists call it desire Nothing whatever we call it. It must be a shift in awareness from mental/material to Spiritual and then proven on the sense levels of awareness; physical (visible and tangible), mental (invisible and tangible).