Scorpio 2019

Scorpio 2019 is the eighth of a series of radio talk shows which focus on the twelve signs of the Zodiac as a map to discover Spiritual Truth.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio talk show on Scorpio 2019.

Scorpio 2019

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda have dedicated twelve shows to discussing the twelve signs of the Zodiac as a map leading to Spiritual understanding. Each week focuses on the respective sign as an archetype used in the process of an individual becoming Divine. Listen this week as they explain the function of Scorpio because desire is what drives the law of attraction and like attracts like. These shows will explore why Divine Law cannot function in your experience if you are not conscious of Its Presence. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the light in your soul and desire “Nothing.”


  1. Scorpio is fixed water; it is the third fixed sign and the second water sign. The key phrase is “I desire.” Desire seems to be the engine and driving force behind “this world.” I like the image of the dragon; used in mythology and in Revelations which is a symbol. The dragon is an imaginary image, something that does not exist in Reality but must be overcome.
  2. To drill down with desire it is the driving force behind the imagined mortal creature we call a human. This may be a stretch for us to understand but this physical form that we call “me” isn’t real. All the needs, wants, ambitions and desires become a trap.
  3. The bible calls this “sowing to the flesh” and Mary Baker Eddy called it “belief in matter.” This finite mortal creature is not who we are; in Reality we are eternal immortal Spirit, appearing as a person.
  4. If we reject the flesh and “sow to the Spirit,” we transcend the limits of the belief in mortality and are free from its restrictions. Desire can now be used to lift us out of the mortal creature into the eternal Being. By changing what we desire.
  5. Scorpio – Labor: Destroying the Lernaean Hydra
    a. The nine heads of the Hydra are divided into 3 Triunes. 1. Appetites; sex, comfort, and money; 2. Passions; fear, hatred, and desire for power; 3. Vices; pride, separativeness, and cruelty.
    b. Constellations of Scorpio: 1. Serpens, the serpent of illusion. 2. Ophiuchus, the man who wrestles with the serpent. 3. Hercules, the disciple facing the eagle.
  6. In his labor Hercules finds by cutting off one head it grows back two, then figures out that by lifting the hydra off the earth he renders it powerless. We experience a similar dynamic when we try to give up a desire.
  7. By becoming addicted to Spirit it lifts us out of duality and into the Divine Law of life. So the Christ says, love God and the Buddha says desire “Nothing.”
  8. We are all codependent; and what we are dependent upon will determine our level of consciousness.