Kriya Yoga Theory 2 in Hampton


Prana Power brings:
Virtue to overcome fear, Wisdom to overcome ignorance, Purpose to overcome selfishness, Enthusiasm to overcome laziness Live Online Options!

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On going 1.5 hour classes for application of what you learned in Theory I classes by going from knowing to doing. These sessions are open to everyone interested in learning about greater human potentials.

Apotheosis is a real experience and has an evidence procedure. A unique and revolutionary Practice and Forum designed to facilitate the growth process in human development.

You cannot lead someone to permanent change by doing for them what they “must” do themselves.
Personal accountability and responsibility are the foundation of Kriya Yoga Theory 2. You must be engaged and devoted.
Prana Power brings: Virtue to overcome fear. Wisdom to overcome ignorance. Purpose to overcome selfishness. Enthusiasm to overcome laziness.
Kriya Yoga is a path of Action, Knowledge, and Devotion; these sessions are a celestial positioning system (cps) to guide the individual into union with the Divine.

Part 1 Class Description for Apotheosis:
The Divine Science Labyrinth consists of 15 moves to develop concentration on Chakras and Nadis. The Cretan Labyrinth is the seven circuit instrument which complies with the idea found in know thyself and nothing in excess.
Enter the Labyrinth
1. 3rd Path, Consciously reflect: I am – the Divine image and likeness – five breaths focus
2. 2nd Path, Consciously reflect: I believe – only Spirit is omnipresent and It is Perfect – six breaths focus
3. 1st Path, Consciously reflect: I know – how to forsake mortal thinking for Divine Knowing – seven breaths focus
4. 4th Path, Consciously reflect: I have – Divine Grace for sufficiency – four breaths focus
5. 7th Path, take no thought – Consciously reflect: I am held, controlled, and governed by the Divine Law of Life – one breath focus
6. 6th Path, Consciously reflect: I feel – the Love of Divine Omnipresence – two breaths focus
7. 5th Path, Consciously reflect: I think – with the all-seeing Light of the omniscient Divine Mind – three breaths focus
8. Center – Rest and abide in the Truth of Being; One Divine Life
9. 5th Path Consciously reflect: I analyze – by comparing the outer with the inner; human Dominion is Divine Omnipotence – three breaths focus
10. 6th Path Consciously reflect: I will – exchange my will for the Divine Wisdom of Thy Will – two breaths focus
11. 7th Path, take no thought – Consciously reflect: I am held, controlled, and governed by Divine Mind
12. 4th Path, Consciously reflect: I relate to Spiritual identity with Divine Love – four breaths focus
13. 1st Path, Consciously reflect: I use – obedience to Impersonal Spiritual perception to correct thought – seven breaths focus
14. 2nd Path, Consciously reflect: I aspire – to demonstrate eternal Life as immortal Truth – six breaths focus
15. 3rd Path, Consciously reflect: I desire – only the invisible intangible omnipresent Spirit – five breaths focus
Exit the Labyrinth, Namaste
Session continues with more practices for Apotheosis:
Breathing Visualization
Alternate Breathing
Timed Breathing
Silent Sit
Chant the Sounds which resonate to the Chakras
Yoga Mudra

Part 2 of the Session is an open forum to discuss realizations, practices, understandings, and acceptance of the Divine Principle. All part of Apotheosis initiating the process of the human becoming Divine.

$108.00 for 8 weeks
$17.00 per class
$85.00 monthly subscription
$1080.00 Kriya Yoga Initiation Program
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