Kriya Yoga Theory 1 Class 1 Yamas Video


Key Point of this Class:
Define Kriya Yoga; Establish IPD’s discoveries; Define the physics of Transformation
Define the principle of manifestation; Explain Yamas

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K81- Video in Kriya Yoga Theory 1

K81 Video is a class called Yama which means control. This video begins the study of the Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga. This class fits into the complete program which is a comprehensive course that will help you get your arms around the Science of Kriya Yoga. It provides a clear understanding of the goals and objectives behind Yoga– Union of the individual with the Divine; along with the physics of Spirituality. It includes the practices, supportive concepts of Kriya Yoga and the process in Human Development—Apotheosis (the process of the human becoming Divine); a complete guide in how to become a Human in the Adult State. Get the Light in your Soul! The course is perfect gift for anyone.  Click button for more information.