Solar Eclipse 10/23/14

A picture poster for the solar eclipse on 10/23/14

Transiting Mars

A picture poster for the solar eclipse on 10/23/14

Mars is applying square to the eclipse point

 0 degrees Scorpio 25 minutes

Mars brings activity and can be a trigger for events; check to see where the eclipse lands in your chart then look and see where 0 Leo 25 fits. Check for any aspects to planets, house cusps, nodes, etc.


These are the phases of the Moon associated with the Lunation Point:
New Moon – 10/23/14 0 Scorpio 25
First Quarter – 7/24/15 0 Scorpio 59
Full Moon – 4/22/16 2 Scorpio 31
Third Quarter – 1/19/17 0 Scorpio 02

Eclipse Cycles are big and there is a lot that can happen during the 2 years, 2 months, and 28 days; but the more conscious we are of the events, the more proactive we become with the results.

a picture of a poster of transits to the eclipse point.

Eclipse Cycle

Third Quarter Phase of the Moon

Today is the end of the 2 year 2 month 28 day cycle that began on 5/9/13 with the Solar Eclipse 19 Taurus 31. A good way to analyze the event is to check your journal on 5/9/13 ; then,
a picture of the astrology chart for the eclipse on 5/9/13 you may want to revisit other dates; such as,  the first quarter Moon on 2/6/14. Check the Full Moon phase on 11/7/14; see if you can connect the dots and come up with a theme for the complete cycle.





You can also review the transits of the Sun and Mars to the Eclipse point:

A chart of transits of the sun and mars to the eclipse of 5-9-13

Hindsight is 20/20; it’s a great exercise to go back and see what was happening for this entire cycle of 2 years 2 months and 28 days. Try to distinguish between the conscious creations of your reality; from those aspects that are unconscious or karmic. The goal of Kriya Yoga is to expand the conscious mind. Have a great day; Namaste!

Yoga Works

Why Yoga Works

 Yoga works because of physics and the logic, order, and predictability of the Universe. Yoga or shall I clarify this by saying, “Real Yoga” is a Spiritual Science (8 essential stages codified by Patajalis) and clear instruction to become a human in the adult state, or a whole person, or an enlightened individual– the term was called apotheosis (the process of the human becoming divine). The major principle that Yoga is founded on is “how we think is what we become” but initially the conscious mind is small and the physical body is attached to duality (the physical and mental dimensions) which produces a limited perspective of the individual. Yoga is a practice that educates the individual in how to separate from the physical/mental worlds and connect to a more subtle resource of sustenance (Prana, Chi, God, Void, Nothing etc.– call it what you want) which impregnates the seed of the conscious mind. This internal connection (Yoga) is what initiates a process that unfolds in three phases– unconscious awareness, to self conscious awareness to super conscious awareness. From this newly achieved position the individual is now becoming the creator of their reality.
However, when Yoga is diluted, watered down, or modified it can have good results because of the placebo effect– remember “how we think is what we become.” Thought is an energy capable of producing affects but it is measurable by the amount of strength it is emitted with. It is belief that gives thought the power of intention. Just like there is a difference between Healing and Curing there is a difference between the placebo effect and conscious control. In fact, the origins of the word heal means whole, when the mind is small we feel like victims but when the mind is open and the body is connected to something pure, powerful and sacred the thoughts have power to create.
The physics of Spirituality is like attracts like and two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time. When the physical body is attached to particles and waves (physical and mental realities or duality) which is fear and limitation— that’s what we become (small minded). When the body is purified (shaucha) and literally rebirthed in the Life Force or Prana (the unified field is truth and wholeness), then we become truth and wholeness or Spirit. Yoga is instruction to become a whole person with an open mind.

Yes, the physical body is a diagram of the mind but the mind isn’t limited to the physical body and the chakra system is a diagram of the mind which transcends physical limitations. We are thinking on many levels and in order to be able to make changes on all of these levels we must transcend the body and open the mind but the only way to do this– is union with Prana; then you have “Real Yoga” and clear understanding in how it works.

Practice Kriya Yoga and become the change you want to see.

Powered by Prana

Powered by Prana

Prana is the Life Force our number one need. To become Powered by Prana a  person needs to make some changes.

A picture of a practitioner of Prana Power


Prana: is the life force and can also be called Chi and / or the grace of God. There is a more subtle force than air that supports life and it follows the path of thought. Thought is our number one life sustaining force and Prana is the most important resource because it is the one we need the most. We can live weeks without food, days without water, minutes without air but we can’t live a millisecond without Prana.

Happiness: to understand happiness just look at an infant child at its mother’s bosom there isn’t anything we can do to persuade the child to leave that bosom. What we have done is weaned ourselves of that bosom and started to assign that same feeling to other substances, circumstances and situations.

We begin with skillful use of thought. Thinking right in Kriya Yoga is knowing the difference between a need and a want and then knowing your needs in their order of importance. When you read scripture and it doesn’t matter which one the bible, the Koran, the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras they all tell us. To be successful in life put “God” first—where the breakdown happens here is what is God? And what does it look like when God is first? In this model “God” is our number one need. The force right now that is supporting life and when it is first it is associated with your peak experience feeling (happiness). The real question is why aren’t we celebrating our next breath? The reason is we come in with what was called the “original sin” our bodies look for food, mother and approval for validation. We have to separate from “mother” the outside world (duality) and reconnect to “father” (Spirit—the unified state). A big obstacle to the connection is this attachment to the realms of matter and mind. In order to separate from them we must purify the mind body complex of the “sin” and prepare it for the invocation of a new symbol for validation.
The practice of Kriya Yoga enables one to reformat the reward circuits in the brain with breath as a new symbol of validation which reconnects the individual with a more reliable resource and the unified state. Humanity is designed for peace, love, happiness and goodness. A big part of this design is Spirit or God itself. Spirit is what makes all these qualities possible. People have problems when they are separate from Spirit or God. Kriya Yoga is a way to get connected to the one true God– so you can enjoy peace, love happiness and goodness!
As CS Lewis says in Mere Christianity “What man, in his natural condition, has not got, is Spiritual life—the higher and different sort of life that exists in God. We use the same word life for both: but if you thought that both must therefore be the same sort of thing, that would be like thinking that the “greatness” of space and the “greatness” of God were the same sort of greatness. In reality, the difference between Biological life and Spiritual life is so important that I am going to give them two distinct names. The Biological sort which comes to us through Nature, and which (like everything else in Nature) is always tending to run down and decay so that it can only be kept up by incessant subsidies from Nature in the form of air, water, food, etc. , is Bios. The Spiritual life, which is in God from all eternity, and which made the whole natural universe, is Zoe.”
Humans have to be taught how to become Spiritual (humans in the adult state “Kings and Queens”). The Kriya Yoga at IPD educates seekers in the art of getting out of the Bios and into the Zoe. Experience apotheosis! Get the light in your soul and find solutions to all the common problems we are struggling with collectively in America.

Practice Kriya Yoga and become the change you want to see– Peace on

Conduct versus Connection

Conduct versus Connection

Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance Poster for week 25


Why all the emphasis on conduct in the religious communities? I believe, one of the biggest misconceptions in Spiritual communities is that “God” is a person monitoring our conduct. This belief leads to creating images of the cosmic “Santa Clause” doling out rewards and punishments in concert with our performances, the puppeteer overlooking the world. Falling further into ideas like– sin is disobedience to this person we call God and making sin an incident that can be excused instead of a situation that must be changed. What if – God is an energy field? Say, for example, the indivisible system talked about in David Bohm’s quantum theories. And what if – Sin was missing the mark? Meaning we are disconnected from this unified indivisible energy system. Things like Religion and Yoga were designed to help humans reconnect to this energy field. The real confusion seems to gather around the concept of connection and what does it look like when the human is connected to God or the unified field? One of the tried and true indicators is virtue because we need laws to uphold the conduct that we would do naturally if we were humans connected to Spirit. However, the conduct doesn’t equal the connection it is only a prerequisite for making the connection. We can refer back to the physics to help us with the logistics- like attracts like and two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time. Our bodies come in with a pattern and we look for matter and mind (particles and waves), the tangible aspects of reality. We must purge the body of the pattern and then prepare it for the invocation of the unified field. When we do this we are connected to God. There is only one true God, there is only one unified field, there is only one number one need. Everything else is a sin and misses the mark.


Practice Kriya Yoga to go from knowing to doing.

Yoga Today

Yoga Today

 Yoga Today: What do I think? I think Yoga Alliance is doing a magnificent job and I will recommend anyone to join the organization. They are here to protect Yoga, Yoga practitioners, Yoga teachers and Yoga businesses. I appreciate the work they are doing. I never knew what they were doing and I was only concerned with the qualifying aspect of the organization. I recognize that they have their hands full and I will try to help and assist them in any way I can. At this time I think it is best for me to just get on board and see if I can do something. I totally appreciate the way they handle everyone’s concerns and know that they will eventually get to mine or at least to a place that I am comfortable. The Yoga community is very diverse and until someone comes up with a clear understanding of what Yoga is it will continue to be whatever anyone thinks it is. Though I have a very difficult time understanding the diversity and confusion surrounding the subject of Yoga I don’t need them to define it for me. I have already done that part and don’t really rely on others for support or community validation. Some of the clearer differences I noticed at the conference are that Asana isn’t Yoga but most of the controversy ironically comes from a much more intellectual place than a position of true Spiritual experience. I also found that the community at large thinks that spirituality is different from religion and that we are already spiritual. I found this to be the most confusing theory that would undermine the concept of Yoga to begin with. For me, Yoga, Religion and Spirituality are one and the same experience with different approaches that have very similar guidelines. To the extent that when I read scripture they are all saying the same thing to me– loud and clear. I appreciate Yoga Alliance stepping up and trying to make distinctions between self-made systems and what they call True Yoga.