Labor Harmony

A poster for the radio talk show titled Labor Day and the Divine Law of Harmony.

Labor Day and the Divine Law of Harmony

Labor Harmony is a radio talk show discussing the letter and Spirit of Truth titled Labor Day and the Divine Law of Harmony.

a picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show labor harmony titled Labor Day and the Divine Law of Harmony

Labor Harmony

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will be talking about Labor in America and the application of the Divine Law of Harmony. Listen as they discuss the various layers of organized labor from the performance of task, to the relations between employee and employer, to the national and global impact. They will be explaining the benefits of harmony in all relationships and the function of Divine Law in all activities. Welcome to the Voice of Yoga; we are talking consciousness!
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Labor Harmony Notes:

1. The idea of labor in this model today, I would like to talk about what we used to call working like a gentlemen– working with Grace. A mode of operation that is effortless and accurate. No wasted moves or material. This is in sync with the Law of Harmony.
2. Applying the Law of Harmony to everything we do; living by Grace backed by Divine Law
3. This is the deeper meaning of the term One Nation Under God; to be governed by Divine Law
4. What happens when Divine Mind is lost? The world mind is the shadow of the Divine Mind but it is an easier catch for the 5 sense lower mind of the human. Below the Divine Mind and the Divine Law of Harmony is the World mind and the material law of Karma.
5. Three modes of performance corresponding with levels of consciousness– 1. emotional, reactive, excitable and careless; 2. intelligent ambitious and careful; 3. Wisdom, enthusiastic and carefree.
6. Fear based motivation is all about getting and Love based motivation is all about giving
7. What is the Divine Law of Harmony? The acknowledgement of the Perfection of Being. What is the Perfection of Being? There is only One Power and it is absolute goodness, love, peace and harmony– This is God or Divine Law. Truth is knowledge of this One God. Faith is belief in Truth. When an individual acknowledges the Presence of the Perfection of Being and holds awareness on the Truth of Being– we are activating Divine Law of Harmony and externalizing the Perfection of Being. This is prayer as Spiritual Understanding and it heals the sick and reforms the sinner.

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