Eclipse Mantra

a poster for the radio show on the Solar Eclipse Mantra and Meditation., plus Eclipse Report 1.

Solar Eclipse 2/26/17 Mantra and Meditation

Eclipse Mantra is a radio talk show discussing the application of Mantra and Meditation in Kriya Yoga during the Solar Eclipse on 2/26/17.


Eclipse Mantra

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the upcoming Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017 and how to take advantage of the Celestial boost . Listen as they discuss the concept of what surrounds us is within us. A Solar Eclipse is the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and the Earth and it is a great time to look within. In this show they will explain how to use your voice in Mantra to invite the Life Force into your body.  Welcome to the Voice of Yoga we are talking Consciousness! Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance to get the light in your soul and indulge yourself in the Sacred.

1. One of the biggest benefits of Initiation is Collective Purpose. A reason to be alive other than just stay alive. You can’t experience Apotheosis and not want to share it with the world.
2. Getting the Light in your Soul means you will receive virtue to overcome fear, wisdom to overcome ignorance, enthusiasm to overcome laziness, and purpose to overcome selfishness.
3. The difference between pretending to be Spiritual and being Spiritual is found in what you champion.
4. What is Mantra? Mantra is an exercise in concentration combined with a skillful use of sound. We use sound instinctually when we moan; which is typically when we are in pain or pleasure. What the body is doing is trying to bring itself back to balance. Concentration is the ability to block out unrelated matter to focus on the task at hand. Mantra is a skillful use of sound so we can resonate to a higher frequency with the power of sacred words.
5. Organization of sound is first then comes the Unification of Sound– Silence. The microcosm of the process in development is first we divide and conquer (separation and journey) then we unite and stand.
6. Why we do the Isha Upanishad 108 times? The intention of Kriya Yoga Mantra is to refresh your connection or relationship with Prana or the Life Force, In the same way a hunter uses of a duck call or a turkey call a Yogi uses a Mantra, In this model we petition the 9 gates of the body 12 times each to invite Spirit in. We use our Kriya Yoga practice to create a hospitable inner environment. Silence is used to allow Spirit to move in and get comfortable.
7. The use of Eclipse Mantra can be similar to the use of duck calling in hunting. The basic purpose is nourishment or food. Sustenance is the underlying goal– to use Prana as a source of renewal.
8. Eclipse Manta for making the physical body a temple to house the Holy Spirit. The environment must be suitable for the Life Force. Clean and Quiet.


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