Women’s Day

International Women’s Day for Kriya Yoga 2

Women’s Day is a radio show discussing the importance of the feminine principle which is much greater than the female gender.

A picture of Lisa and Kenny doing the radio show on the 10 Commandments and Women's Day.

Women’s Day

Hostess Lisa Winton and Swami Jayananda will talk about the concept of women and men; based on Kriya Yoga principles. Male and female, positive and negative, dark and light are all great indicators of the interplay between matter and mind. They will shed more light on the statement; “the woman must be subservient to the man” by taking the statement out of role playing into an inner dynamic. They will explain why this is a non-gender based insight but instead, important information for both men and women. Listen and learn how to understand scripture as instruction to becoming a whole person– woman or man.   Join the Kriya Yoga Spiritual Advance get the Light in your soul and become a whole person. 

Women’s Day Key Points:

  1. The key to understanding polarity is not to take it personal. Men and women are ways of identifying principles.
  2. In the bible, “the women must be subservient to the man” is a powerful statement but it’s not about role playing in the community. It is instruction for both men and women.  Women’s Day.
  3. The feminine principle (instinct, appetite, survival etc.) must be subservient to your masculine principle (intelligence).
  4. Principle centered behavior is above emotion. Jesus walked on water (the human, potential to be intelligent, is above water, symbol for the feminine.
  5. Lao Tzu rides the bull same thing intelligence is above the animal.
  6. The thing we want to understand that the human has the capacity to resonate to many different levels of consciousness but fundamentally there are 3 major choices– animal, human, and Divine.
  7. Celebrate your passion– the feminine principle. Matter and mind need each other; you don’t want to suppress either but you want to express feeling with intelligence.
  8. Intelligence without feeling is cold and calculating. Feeling without intelligence is perilous; addictive compulsive behavior, violence, emotionality.
  9. Mythology uses images like a person turned into an animal– Cerci turned Odysseus‘s men into swine.
  10. Remember the body has power; so celebrate your power (the feminine principle) and the mind has vision (intelligence the masculine principle) . Whether you are a man or a woman we have both principles.
  11. Assimilating the relationship between the body and the mind– using clues from the body to help us understand the mind, objective and subjective views.
  12. Evolution of the feeling state: excitable to ambitious to enthusiastic.

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